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BMW Shark by AG Excalibur

BMW Shark by AG Excalibur

AG Excalibur - a Lithuanian tuner- presented the BMW Shark at the Top Marques Monaco. This car represents a tuning kit based on the BMW 6-Series featuring a red livery, white interior leather setup, and super-sized 30 inch wheels. And we can’t forget the front grill which looks like the BMW got a huge buck tooth.

Its true, Top Marques is a place for supercars designed with good taste and who feature impeccable lines, so a car like the Shark really has no place there. At the same time, Top Marques is a place for any kind of vehicular extravaganza and, in this case, we can understand why this car would take its place there.

The people who were there could only comment on how crazy this car was. That may have not been the reaction the tuner wanted to get, but the car still got some attention. We think that this may not be the best example of how bad publicity is still good publicity.

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