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The New-Look Borgward Isabella Is Back From The Grave

The New-Look Borgward Isabella Is Back From The Grave

It’s predecessor would be proud

Borgward has come a long way since closing its doors in 1961. It took over 54 years, but thanks in large part to the influx of funds from Chinese manufacturers, the German automaker returned to the auto scene last year with the BX7 SUV in China. It quickly followed that up with the smaller BX5 crossover, and with the success of the two models, it opened the door for the company to return to its home market, and its first offering of the future comes with a very familiar name. It’s hard to say whether the Borgward Isabella that’s currently at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show is the spiritual successor of the popular 1950’s model or an entirely new one altogether. What’s clear, though, is that the new Isabella has its an eye on the future, and it’s looking to get there with a futuristic design and an electric powertrain.

Even clearer is the fact that the new Isabella looks the part of a modern-day sports car. Borgward calls the car’s new design philosophy an “impression of flow,” and for what it’s worth, it’s hard to argue against that assertion because the car certainly has the body that flows seamlessly, thanks in part to a design that features a sloping nose, nice flowing lines, and a sleek fastback roofline that carries some design influence from the OG Isabella from the 50’s. Unfortunately, the Isabella itself is still a concept and there’s no word yet about Borgward’s plans with it. For now, we can look forward to the company’s new line of crossovers and SUVs hitting the European market by the end of 2017 and hope that one day, the Isabella, or whatever name it ends up getting, will join them in the fold.

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