Sporty and dynamic, exclusive and powerful: These three attributes best describe the BRABUS WIDESTAR. The special model based on the Mercedes ML 63 celebrates its world debut at the Geneva Motor Show 2007. With the WIDESTAR BRABUS presents not only a new and exciting wide-track version of the SUV but also the new Monoblock E 23-inch forged wheels and BRABUS B63 S performance tuning for the ML 63 with 550 hp / 404.8 kW.

The WIDESTAR concept, which is of course also available for all current M-Class models, combines dynamic looks with maximum functionality. The elegantly flowing lines of the fender flares front and back increase vehicle width by four centimeters. The extra centimeters benefit the car’s appearance while the wider track improves handling: The multi-piece BRABUS Monoblock E wheels in size 11Jx23 were custom-tailored for the wide-track version of the M-Class. Their forged wheel center ensures an optimal symbiosis of light-weight design and maximum strength. The new light-alloy wheels are mounted with high-performance tires in size 315/25 R 23.

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The BRABUS WIDESTAR body conversion consists of add-on parts for the doors, and rocker panels that create a more homogenous transition between the fender flares. But that’s not all: Complete front and rear fascias replace their production counterparts front and back. The front spoiler bumper with three striking air inlets and four integrated auxiliary headlights lends the M-Class more passing clout and minimizes lift on the front axle. In combination with the rear spoiler the rear fascia with integrated diffuser and cutouts for the four chrome tailpipes of the BRABUS stainless-steel sport exhaust system provides the perfect aerodynamic balance.

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Its well balanced aerodynamic properties make the BRABUS WIDESTAR a perfectly suited to serve as the platform for a tuned version of the ML 63. The latter was developed by the BRABUS motor engineers in form of the B63 S performance kit. The production V8 engine delivers 510 hp / 375 kW. It is fitted with sport air filters and high-performance metal catalysts as well as newly programmed engine electronics with custom mapping for ignition and injection. Together these measures result in an increase in power output by 40 hp / 31 kW to 550 hp / 404.8 kW. Simultaneously peak torque grows from 630 Nm to 650 Nm. Vehicle performance benefits accordingly: The sprint from rest to 100 km/h is shortened to 4.9 seconds. The engine tuning and installation of the BRABUS V/max unit increase the top speed from 250 km/h to 275 km/h.

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