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2017 Bristol Bullet

2017 Bristol Bullet

The firm’s first new design in 12 years! Powered by BMW

British firm Bristol has just announced it will debut a brand-new sports car at the Salon Prive on September 1. Launched to celebrate the founding of Bristol Cars 70 years ago, it goes by the name Bullet and it’s the company’s first new design in 12 years. Initially announced in 2014 as "Project Pinnacle," the Bullet morphed into a neo-retro speedster with a luxurious interior and BMW power.

For the uninitiated, Bristol Cars Limited was founded in 1945, when the Bristol Aeroplane Company created its very own car division under Frazer Nash. After merging with Bristol Siddeley Engines (which was later purchased by Rolls-Royce), Bristol was purchased by Sir George White, who in 1973 sold his majority shareholding to Tony Crook, who remained in control of the company in 1997.

Crook transfered Bristol Cars ownership to Toby Silverton and the Tavistock group in 2002 and nine years later the company was placed into administration due to financial problems. A month later it was ourchased by Frazer-Nash Research. During its 70-year life, Bristol Cars launched Type 400 to Type 412 (1946 to 1975), but production slowed down to only to only four nameplates between 1993 and 2011. It’s last production model, the Fighter, came to be in 2004. Much like every model since 1961, the Fighter had a Chrysler engine (based on the Dodge Viper’s) under the hood.

Twelve years have passed and the Bristol is back with a promising roadster.

"The Bullet celebrates 70 years of design and innovation at Bristol Cars. This unique speedster sets the tone for the future of Bristol Cars – with a focus on luxury, performance and elegance it really is the ultimate driver’s car," said Julian Ramshaw, general manager of Bristol Cars.

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2015 Bristol GT

2015 Bristol GT

Bristol Cars is a British-based company founded in 1945 that specializes in developing hand-built luxury cars. The company produces only 20 units per year, but even so, it manages to maintain loyal clientele.

One of the most famous cars developed by Bristol was the Fighter - a sports car that can hit a top speed of about 200 mph. Along with that beast, the company has developed lots of other models and all of them used either BMW or Chrysler engines to power them.

Now Bristol wants to hit that 200 mph mark one more time, but this time in a new extended-range electric GT supercar. The model is still in its development process and will be shown in concept form at the end of this year.

It will use the same design language we saw on the 2009 Giugiaro-styled Namir supercar concept and will be offered with technology developed by Surrey-based technology group Frazer-Nash Research.

Note: pictures shown here are of the Giugiaro Namir Concept, not the Bristol GT.

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