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The Brokernet Silver Sting was thought of and built by international GT racer, Kalman Bodis. The team at Bovi Motorsports had the car fully operational for its debut in 2006 at the Luxusauto Show in Budapest, Hungary. One of the coolest parts of this car is its name, Silver Sting, but what’s the Brokernet all about? Creating a car that takes seven years to design and build is expensive and the Hungarian financial firm Brokernet is the main sponsor, thus they wanted some naming rights as well.

This car is not only stunningly designed by Zoltan Peredy, but also downright ferocious on the track. Being built by a race car driver, intentions for the Silver Sting were clear. This car was not meant to be taken to elegant car shows, it was meant to get out there and race. Bodis plans to use this car in various GT races throughout the world and plans to show everyone that Hungary is capable of producing a world class car.

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  • 2006 Brokernet Silver Sting
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Model:
    Silver Sting
  • Engine:
    flat six
  • Horsepower @ RPM:
    432hp at 7,000rpm
  • Torque @ RPM:
    437 Nm of torque at 6,500 rpm
  • Displacement:
    3600 L
  • 0-60 time:
    3.8 sec.
  • car segment:
  • body style:

Racing Team

2006 Brokernet Silver Sting Exterior
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Bovi Motorsport is the team responsible for racing the Silver Sting. The team was founded in 1993 and set out with a simple goal in mind, to become a world class racing team. The major advantage the team had was the previous racing expertise of Bodis Kalman and the other drivers that joined with him. The team began to race in Germany using various Porsche models and had their fair share of success. Most impressive was the teams multi year domination of the Hungarian Grand Prix Porsche Supercup in which they won four years in a row.

As the team began to grow and gain fans, it became clear to them that racing Porsche cars forever was not the answer. In order to gain real respect in racing, they would have to develop their own machine. Using many Porsche parts and the expertise of the entire Bovi Motorsports team, the Silver Sting was born. The team still races a trio of Porsche models including two 996 GT3 Cup cars and a 997 GT3 Cup. This year the team has already posted a 1st overall finish in the SP2GT3A Class of the Dubai 24-hours race for the Porsche 996. The Silver Sting received a venerable 10th place finish in absolute evaluation at the same event.


2006 Brokernet Silver Sting Exterior
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The heart of the Brokernet Silver Sting is under the hood where a Porsche sourced 3.6-liter flat six from the 911 GT3 serves as the powerplant. This engine is something to behold and it makes 432hp at 7,000rpm and 437 Nm of torque at 6,500 rpm. Most impressive in the Silver Sting is the use of lightweight materials that bring its curb weight down to 2,425 lbs. A car this lightweight using such a powerful and well developed engine is capable of doing 0-60mph in 3.8 seconds. That is certainly world class for a production vehicle, but it still may struggle on the race track.

Helping the Silver Sting to make that 0-60mph sprint are the lightweight materials that make up the body. Kevlar was used heavily in the construction of the car and provides increased strength whilst also reducing weight. The shape of the car with its low to the ground feel and sweeping lines also helps airflow around the body.


2006 Brokernet Silver Sting Exterior
- image 401567

Perhaps if this car can garner some support in the racing world and prove to legendary teams that there is a new player on the scene, the Silver Sting may be around for a while. As the team gains momentum and financing, a small production run for the public is a possibility. Competition to the car is stiff in both racing and production circuits. The Porsche cars that many of its parts are sourced from cause major concern, because the 997 GT3 Cup cars actually outperform the Silver Sting and with newer Porsche racing models to come, things are only getting worse.

Furthermore, small supercar manufacturers have been springing up all over the world with mixed success and failure. This small team from Budapest needs to show that not only can they build a race car, but can they put it into production and prove to the worldwide market that it is better than the competition?

2006 Brokernet Silver Sting Exterior
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  (444) posted on 11.23.2011

This sports car is looking so exotic with its platform and most especially for its graphic design. Well, I also noticed that it is very classy and expensive on its appearance, just too bad they don’t have any plan to put it on the market.

  (445) posted on 10.6.2011

Looked very famous and rich, the real concept of customized sports car. Well every details from curves to edges and bumped on car really amazing it complements to all other details.

  (463) posted on 08.4.2011

I think I’ve seen this car a few days ago when I was browsing. As far as I remember it is from Porsche if I’m not mistaken. By the way, I can say that the looks awesome with its silver paint.

  (317) posted on 08.1.2011

No one will really purchase this one because it is not for sale. HAHA! By the way, the design of the car is some kind of exotic, and the performance is great. It is proven from its recent race. I also like the silver body of the car.

  (197) posted on 07.29.2011

Its kind of sad that they haven’t offer a better performance for the vehicle. Well, I don’t think that someone would love to purchase this car! Porsche car is far better than this racing car.

  (526) posted on 07.29.2011

Before racing prototype were not meant to be beautiful . However, as the time passed car manufacturer also offer a sporty vehicle aside from high speed performance. But sadly, any of those can’t be found in this car!

  (412) posted on 05.25.2011

It’s just too bad that they are not putting this one up for sale. A lot of racing fans would definitely want to get a piece of this car, what with the record that it has.

  (530) posted on 05.24.2011

Well, it really ins’t all that surprising that they would put int a lot of power into this car. Thi9s is a race car after all, so they would be needing all that speed.

  (528) posted on 05.24.2011

Well, for all the car’s weird looks, it actually does have a great set of performance numbers. The engine itself is very notable in the output that it has.

  (474) posted on 05.23.2011

Yeah, it definitely looks a bit weird. But I do like some parts of it. The windows in particular are something that I find very unique here.

  (727) posted on 05.23.2011

I find this one quite a weird mash up of sorts. For one, the car’s front lip looks like it it’s too big for it. And the side windows seems to have been modeled after those glass panels that you see in old school jukeboxes

  (458) posted on 05.23.2011

One thing to describe, crap! Well, it seems that they haven’t made any upgrade since last 2006. They should make the rear lip smaller and it seriously needs a facelift! And I don’t think that a car with gull wing will perform great since we all know that it will add to the weight of the car.

  (807) posted on 05.23.2011

I was about to say that this car looks the same with Porsche, and I guess
I’m right..However, I think the Cup model of Porsche looks better than this and heck its rear lip
is too over design.

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