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2006 Brokernet Silver Sting

2006 Brokernet Silver Sting

The Brokernet Silver Sting was thought of and built by international GT racer, Kalman Bodis. The team at Bovi Motorsports had the car fully operational for its debut in 2006 at the Luxusauto Show in Budapest, Hungary. One of the coolest parts of this car is its name, Silver Sting, but what’s the Brokernet all about? Creating a car that takes seven years to design and build is expensive and the Hungarian financial firm Brokernet is the main sponsor, thus they wanted some naming rights as well.

This car is not only stunningly designed by Zoltan Peredy, but also downright ferocious on the track. Being built by a race car driver, intentions for the Silver Sting were clear. This car was not meant to be taken to elegant car shows, it was meant to get out there and race. Bodis plans to use this car in various GT races throughout the world and plans to show everyone that Hungary is capable of producing a world class car.

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