• 2010 Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport "Soleil de Nuit"

It looks like Bugatti saved the best for last, because of all the special edition Veyron’s to be displayed at the Dubai Auto Show, the open air Veyron Grand Sport "Soleil de Nuit" is the only edition that allows you to enjoy ridiculous speeds with the wind in your hair and the sun on your bald spot. Like the Sang d’ Argent this Veyron is also one of a kind and destined for the Middle East market wearing a $2,270,000 price tag.

2010 Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport "Soleil de Nuit"
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The Grand Sport "Soleil de Nuit" combines polished aluminum accents with the painted Black Blue Metallic skin of the targa top Veyron with a set of "Sang Noir" rims. However as appealing as being able to go over 200 MPH with the wind in your face and sand in your teeth in a unique super car is for Middle Eastern millionaires, we are almost positive that they will enjoy relaxing in the highly contrasting burnt orange interior as opposed to braving the elements.

Press release after the jump.

Press release

The “Soleil de Nuit” – Sun of the Night – is another stunning example of how a modern interpretation of Bugatti’s core values “Art, Forme, Technique”: A very unusual colour/material split characterizes the “Soleil de Nuit”, the second Middle East one-off model created for the Dubai Motor Show.

2010 Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport "Soleil de Nuit"
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The horizontal split in the lower part of the car – a synthesis of polished Aluminium, painted Black Blue Metallic enriched by mirror shine meshes – softens the lines of this Grand Sport and gives the body a new touch of sportiness. Blue Metallic in the upper body parts and also in the inner side of the (“Sang Noir”) rims, the outer side of which are in diamond cut, underline the exquisite appearance of this dramatic looking car. A strong burnt orange interior crowns the attractiveness of this impressive “Soleil de Nuit”.

2010 Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport "Soleil de Nuit"
- image 338925
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  (613) posted on 06.10.2011

Yeah, I know what you been feeling but I think it would be better if we stop
dreaming about this car that we can’t afford to have!

  (501) posted on 06.10.2011

From every angle, I’m totally falling in love with this car! I really love it! If given a chance I will not lose my opportunity to drive one of this!

  (313) posted on 02.3.2011

well,its obviously very appealing car..but for me this is not really typically good for the crowd street.

  (1022) posted on 05.20.2010

For sure,it’s pretty hard to reach the kind of speed specially when the wind blowing into your face. Pretty sure you’ll lost your concentration driving the 200mph.

  (1332) posted on 03.7.2010

Wow! It’s one of the best and please don’t say that it’s the last. I hope you don’t really mean it.. Its been a while since I laid my eyes on such a beautiful baby.

  (780) posted on 01.10.2010

Just like I’ve thought a while ago after viewing the photos of this car, this car featured at the Dubai car show where it’s the home of all stylish or rather super exotic cars are there. If you will ask the performance of this car, definitely don’t ask stupid question like that on a Buggati Veyron.

  (778) posted on 12.15.2009

I can’t take my eyes of you", Soleil de Nuit. Really beautiful car that will be present on the upcoming car show in Dubai. I’ve read the press release of this car that I’m truly attached on the core value of Bugatti "Art, For me and Technique", of course Bugatti have it all.

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