One-off Bugatti Veyrons are nothing new in today’s world. Despite their relative commonplace, they are still among the most talked about one-off models in the world.

At the upcoming Art Basel Miami Beach 2012 event, the French automaker unveiled its latest one-off Veyron that was personally designed by renowned French artist Bernar Venet. Bugatti actually commissioned Venet to create the design of the one-off Veyron Grand Sport based on his artistic interpretation.

We’re big fans of Venet, particularly his Arcs sculptures. The man is considered one of the finest at his craft and works, and has received many honors, including the title of Chevalier de La Legion d’Honneur. So when Bugatti commissioned Venet to design a one-off Veyron Grand Sport, we anxiously waited to see what he’d come up with.

The result is, well, wow.

Not surprisingly, Venet put some touches of numbers, scientific formulas and mathematical equations on the car’s exterior and interior, an allusion to his acclaimed mathematical paintings, which are currently on exhibit at the Art Plural Gallery in Singapore. Equally interesting is the fact that these equations and formulas are the same ones used by Bugatti engineers when they were developing the Veyron. Another signature Venet influence on the Veyron is the rusted-metal finish applied to the supercar, which when you really look at it, makes for a pretty sexy two-tone color.

The Venet-designed Veyron Grand Sport will be on exhibit at the Rubell Family Collection in Miami during Art Basel Miami Beach 2012 from December 6 to 9, 2012.

  • 2012 Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport by Bernar Venet
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Model:
  • Engine:
  • Horsepower @ RPM:
  • Displacement:
    8.0 L
  • Top Speed:
    252 mph
  • car segment:


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  (305) posted on 12.3.2012

no matter why, we can all be glad he did it. and boy, the results are very rewarding!

  (302) posted on 12.3.2012

i think money was not the reason venet did the car for. but the prestige of working wish such an exclusive manufacturer. and that is something!

  (312) posted on 12.3.2012

that, gary. and the fact that Bugatti asked Venet to do the car.

  (305) posted on 12.3.2012

i was wondering what is the point of such a car. but then i thought: why not?

  (422) posted on 12.3.2012

i love the care for detail: the rims have the copper accents in the front, but not in the back!

  (452) posted on 12.3.2012

the artist has given us the know-how, now all we have to do is apply the mathematical formulas and extract the veyron, right? smiley

  (475) posted on 12.3.2012

if anyone wonders how the bugatti is made, well, they have the formula’s on it smiley

  (516) posted on 12.3.2012

i think both the forumla’s and the sculpture’s are both a form of art: one for the mind and one for the soul!

  (542) posted on 12.3.2012

john, you spoke my mind smiley. still, they look great together!

  (509) posted on 12.3.2012

i think the formula’s go quite well with the sculptures: few can understand what they really mean smiley

  (542) posted on 12.3.2012

i love the rusty copper finish on the front of the car. it looks great!

  (516) posted on 12.3.2012

i think this is a very nice car! you can tell an artist had something to do with it!

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