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Bugatti's Next New Model Could Be an All-Electric Daily Driver

Bugatti’s Next New Model Could Be an All-Electric Daily Driver

Bugatti introduced a concept earlier this decade that fits into what we think this model could turn into

Hot on the heels of unveiling the world’s most expensive new car, Bugatti is already looking towards its next project, and it might not be what most people expect. A new hypercar is seen as the default answer to any queries about a new Bugatti, but this proposed model doesn’t fall under that classification. Instead of a hypercar, Bugatti is looking to introduce a second and far more affordable model to its lineup, one that is characterized as a best-in-segment daily driver. More importantly, it’s an electric vehicle. There’s still no timetable for this proposed model, in large part because Bugatti’s big wigs have yet to make a decision on the car. If it does get the green light, don’t expect this Bugatti to feature Chiron-level power. It’s still going to be fast and powerful, but it will also put premium importance on luxury and comfort. Could this be the time that we finally see Bugatti dust off the Galibier name and bring it to life?

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