You might be able to trace Bugatti's history back to when it was originally founded in 1909, but until the Bugatti brand was acquired by Volkswagen in 1998, it had a very turbulent path that included the death of Jean Bugatti and a war-torn factory after World War 2. The company opened a new factor and continued on but continued to decline until Ettore Bugatti died in 1947. Just five years later, Bugatti ceased operation. This time was a vital period for the brand as it showed the world models like the Bugatti Type 13, Type 18, and Type 57SC. Bugatti was also rather successful at racing in this period as well. The company almost bounced back in the mid-1950s when Roland Bugatti built the mid-engined Type 251 race car, but it wasn't successful, and production was halted again. Over the next 20 years, Bugatti continued building airplane parts and was eventually sold to Hispano-Suiza, which was taken over by Snecma in 1968. That company acquired Messier and turned the Bugatti brand into Messier-Bugatti in the late 1970s. 10 years later, the Bugatti brand was acquired by another entity, and its name was changed to Bugatti Automobili S.p.A. This is the company that was responsible for the EB110 GT. However, by the time the EB110 was ready to hit the market, the world was in a recession, and the company was forced to cease operations yet again in 1995. Finally, in 1998, the Volkswagen Group was able to acquire the Bugatti brand, at which point it was renamed Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S. Since Volkswagen's acquisition of the brand, it has been largely successful, but it all started with a number of concept vehicles – the EB118, EB218, and the 18/3 Chiron. It wasn't until 2005 that the new Bugatti started producing regular-production vehicles, and that's when we first laid eyes on the Veyron. 10 years later, the Chiron came into play, and the company is still developing models based on it, including the Divo and the La Voiture Noire. Under the leadership of VAG, it's likely that Bugatti will remain successful throughout the foreseeable future.

Here's a List of Cool Cars You Can Get for the Price of the $33,000 Baby Bugatti II

Here’s a List of Cool Cars You Can Get for the Price of the $33,000 Baby Bugatti II

With the Bugatti Baby II, Millionaire Kids Have Something To Hope For

As a special 110th anniversary gift to itself and its customers, Bugatti revealed the super-cool Bugatti Baby II. It is a small kids’ toy that also honors the past and the birth of the first Bugatti Baby, produced back in 1926.

The new one is, however, a bit more than a toy. Based on top of the design of the Bugatti Type 35 from the 1920s, the Baby II is a modern, three-quarter-size interpretation of the most successful racing car in history. Bugatti needed three weeks to sell all the build slots and allocations for the Baby II, because that is the world we live in. I mean, if you have the Chiron, it is only reasonable to have a $33,000 official Bugatti toy as well. Interestingly enough, the 500 units of the Bugatti Baby II cost almost as much as one Bugatti La Voiture Noire.

All in all, this ghastly expensive toy gave me something to think about - I wonder just what kind of real, cool cars you can buy for the price of one Bugatti Baby II. Here’s the list.

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Car for Sale: a 2012 Bugatti Veyron for $128,000 - Better Look Twice

Car for Sale: a 2012 Bugatti Veyron for $128,000 - Better Look Twice

You may be better off spending your $128,000 somewhere else. Or maybe not?

How badly do you want to own a Bugatti Veyron? Do you want one bad enough that you’re willing to spend $125,000 to $128,000 for a Veyron that really isn’t a Veyron, but looks like a Veyron? If your answer is “yes,” then you should go take a look at this 2012 Bugatti Veyron that’s up on sale at Car Export America.

Before you start tripping over yourselves rushing to buy this unique Veyron, you need to know that this is a replica Veyron and not the real deal. You also need to know that this replica Veyron sits on the shell of a 2002 Mercury Cougar. Yes, a Mercury Cougar. Think of it whatever you will, but there’s something oddly appealing about this replica Veyron. It’s not the real thing, sure, but where else can you see a Veyron that traces its roots to a Cougar? Nowhere else, I imagine.

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Bugatti Chiron Super Sport's Record-Breaking Run Was This Close to Disaster

Bugatti Chiron Super Sport’s Record-Breaking Run Was This Close to Disaster

It took massive composure from Andy Wallace to avoid the mishap, who proved once again what a brilliant race driver he is

Have you ever stopped to consider just how much risk was involved in Bugatti’s record-breaking attempt with the Chiron Super Sport? We mean, the entire team behind the 300+ mph run did an outstanding job in not leaving any loose ties as expected, but even with all the preparations in the world, things were pretty close of going sideways in an instant. Or should we say airborne instead?

Cultured race driver Andy Wallace, the one who steered the Chiron Super Sport towards reaching the mind-shattering speed of 304 mph (490 km/h), has revealed that at some point doing the run, he “jumped the Chiron” at 277 mph (447 km/h).

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Bugatti Refuses to Move On From the Chiron But That Might Be Okay

Bugatti Refuses to Move On From the Chiron But That Might Be Okay

Bugatti seems to love the idea that it produces just one car in multiple variations and, to some extent, that’s okay in terms of exclusivity. But, isn’t it time that Bugatti actually comes up with something new as opposed to some slightly revised version of a car it started producing in 2016, based on a concept from 1999? Bet you forgot that, didn’t you? The Chiron is actually based on the 1999 Bugatti 18/3 Chiron Concept from nearly two decades ago. Back to the point at hand, Bugatti has, since the Chiron’s debut back in 2016, produced a handful of different variations, including the Chiron Sport, 110 Ans Bugatti, Chiron Super Sport 300+, Centodieci, and the La Voiture Noire one-off.

One would think that Bugatti had about done enough with the Chiron which was, by the way, limited to just 500 units when it was introduced a few years ago. But, Bugatti has different plans before it moves on to something totally new despite the realization that the Chiron can’t live on forever. The point is that if you were hoping to see an all-new Bugatti next year, or even in the next five years, you might want to let go and accept the fact that it isn’t going to happen. Here’s why…

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2020 Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+

2020 Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+

Bugatti’s Chiron Super Sport 300+ is the fastest car on Earth. Or is it?

How should we put this? Well, there’s only one way, really: we all knew this was coming, but the real secret was how Bugatti would wrap it up. After the Veyron, it’s time for the Chiron to receive the distinguished Super Sport badge from Bugatti, following a speed record that’s both spectacular and a tad controversial to some extent. That’s something we’ll look at on another occasion, though, because today our attention will be wasted on one car and one car only: the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+.

Once again, Bugatti shows the world that it knows how to throw a party, especially one that celebrates the company’s 110th anniversary. The Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+ joins the carmaker’s fantastic-three - Divo, La Voiture Noire, and Centodieci - with at least the same amount of flair and plushness underlined by what could very well be today’s industry spearhead in automotive performance. Read on.

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After People Called Foul on the "Bugatti Chiron's" New Record, Bugatti Says It Can Go the Right Conditions

After People Called Foul on the "Bugatti Chiron’s" New Record, Bugatti Says It Can Go the Right Conditions

Bugatti is the same company that, through the voice of its CEO, said not long ago that it no longer chases speed records

Bugatti bewildered the automotive world recently when it released a video showing what the company called at the time a ’near-production’ Chiron exceeding 300 mph at Volkswagen’s Ehra-Lessien proving grounds in Germany. We later found out that the Chiron in question is, effectively, a whole new version of the storied Chiron, one that features heavily revised aerodynamics including a Le Mans-esque long tail and is based on the Chiron Sport. People criticized Bugatti for not doing a two-way average before claiming that their car is the fastest in the world and, in response, Bugatti says 304 mph isn’t as fast as the long tail Chiron ca go.

If you’re up to date with what’s going on in Germany where the 2019 Frankfurt Auto Show is in full swing, you’ll know by now that, not only did Bugatti argue that its faster-than-fast Chiron can go even faster, but it will also put it into production with the batch of 30 ’Chiron Sport 300+’ expected to sell like hotcakes although nobody’s got a huge oval like that at Ehra-Lessien to test the car’s ludicrous top speed. Maybe Bugatti did it under pressure from Koenigsegg and other peers that came forth saying whatever Bugatti used to reach 304 mph is not a legitimate production car and, as such, the record isn’t valid. Let’s see if the French company returns to the track to go even faster - although Bugatti tried to make us believe they actually don’t care about top speed runs anymore... yea, right!

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Latest Videos:

Supercar Blondie and the Bugatti Chiron Sport 300+ - Too Much Hot In One Video

Supercar Blondie and the Bugatti Chiron Sport 300+ - Too Much Hot In One Video

Discover the king of the road in a totally different light

As the automotive world turns its attention to Germany for the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show, one car that’s noticeably missing from the festivities also happens to be the same car that everyone’s talking about these days: the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+.

Say what you will about the controversy swirling around the Chiron Super Sport 300+, but it did break 300 miles per hour, becoming the first “production” car to ever break that speed threshold. We can all argue about the veracity of its “production car” label, but the Chiron Super Sport 300+ still achieved something extraordinary, and no one’s going to take that accomplishment away from it.

So as everyone marvels at all the new debuts in Frankfurt, YouTube personality Supercar Blondie got to spend some time with the controversial Bugatti hypercar, and for more than 20 minutes, we get to see the Chiron Super Sport 300+ in a different light, completely removed from the spectacle of its record-setting run. Controversy notwithstanding, the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+ is an incredible piece of machinery.

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The Bugatti Chiron Has Officially Broken 300 MPH, But It's Not a Production Model

The Bugatti Chiron Has Officially Broken 300 MPH, But It’s Not a Production Model

You won’t be able to buy it either

Remember when Bugatti said it won’t pursuit a new top speed record with the Chiron? Well, the French firm lied and built a bespoke Chiron that just smashed the 300 mph barrier. However, you won’t be able to do the same in a production Chiron, as the new record holder is actually a prototype based on the Chiron Sport.

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Bugatti Won't Honor Customer Requests for Special Cars - Arrogance or Intelligence?

Bugatti Won’t Honor Customer Requests for Special Cars - Arrogance or Intelligence?

You don’t expect anything less from a company that prides itself in its exclusivity

Just as the likes of Ferrari, Lamborghini, and McLaren are ramping up their one-off and special projects divisions, Bugatti is taking a different approach with its coach-building enterprise. The French automaker is keen on building more exclusive, coach-built models. That sits at the heart of its identity as a purveyor of luxury and super performance machines. Just don’t expect Bugatti to acquiesce to customer requests similar to what Ferrari, Lamborghini, Pagani, and a host of other exotic brands do. If Bugatti builds these models, it’s going to do it on its own terms, not someone else’s. Take this approach how you see it — is it smart or cocky in Bugatti’s part? — but you can’t argue that the automaker’s “‘for them’, not ‘by them’” approach has given rise to some of the fanciest and most expensive cars you’ll ever see. And when that’s the case, why bother fixing it?

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2020 Bugatti Centodieci Quirks and Features

2020 Bugatti Centodieci Quirks and Features

Bugatti Centodieci was designed in six months thanks entirely to a new design method that does not require building a clay model

After the no-compromise racing machine called Divo and the ultimate expression of exclusivity known as the La Voiture Noire, Bugatti revealed yet another special vehicle - the Centodieci. Crafted to catch the imagination of the most enthusiastic Bugatti connoisseur, the Centodieci comes to match the uncompromised performance of the Divo, with style reminiscent of the well-known Bugatti from the nineties - the EB110. Not only did Bugatti imagine the car to celebrate the 110th anniversary of the company, but it also walked a path that honors a supercar that was at the pinnacle of car design in the nineties. These are cool facts and features you simply have to know about the Bugatti Centodieci.

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2020 Bugatti Centodieci

2020 Bugatti Centodieci

The Centodieci is the most powerful Bugatti ever built

The 2020 Bugatti Centodieci is a limited-edition version of the Chiron. Just like the 2019 La Voiture Noire, the 2020 Centodieci is a significant departure from the Chiron it is based on, sporting a notably different exterior. While the La Voiture Noire is a tribute to the Type 57 SC Atlantic from the 1930s, the Centodieci pays homage to the Bugatti EB110, a supercar built from 1991 to 1995. The 2020 Centodieci is limited to only 10 units.

The Centodieci is the fifth official variant of the Bugatti Chiron. It joins the Chiron Sport, the 110 Ans Bugatti model that celebrates the company 110th anniversary, the La Voiture Noire, and the track-prepped Divo. Since Centodieci means 110 in Italian, it also celebrates 110 years since Bugatti was established by Ettore Bugatti in Molsheim, France.

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Bugatti Centodieci is an EB110-Inspired Hot Mess

Bugatti Centodieci is an EB110-Inspired Hot Mess

French automaker went for the gimmick and missed badly

Bugatti promised to make waves at the 2019 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, and it certainly lived up to that promise with the debut of the Centodieci hypercar. Limited to just 10 units — “centodieci” is Italian for “one hundred and ten” — the Centodieci is Bugatti’s long-rumored homage to its EB110 supercar, which many consider as the forefather of both the Veyron and Chiron. The intent and motivation behind the Centodieci are admirable, and the car itself comes with the kind of power, performance, and technology you’d expect from Bugatti. It’s also priced like a Bugatti as each of the 10 units will come with a starting price of almost $9 million. But as far as the design and execution of the said design are concerned, Bugatti left a lot to be desired.

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Latest Wallpapers:

What is the Least Expensive Bugatti?

Bugatti is the producer of extremely limited and powerful cars, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the brand’s cheapest model – the Bugatti Chiron – carries a seven-figure price tag of around $3,000,000. The Bugatti Divo, a more focused version of the Chiron sold out in one day and brought in $5.8 million each for the Bugatti brand. The most expensive model is the La Voiture Noire with it’s $19 million price tag – that’s about $12.5 million before taxes.

What is the Sportiest Bugatti?

All three of Bugatti’s models are as sporty as they come, but most consider the Divo to be the sportiest as it was designed with track focus in mind. Kind in mind, however, that Bugatti only built 40 examples of the Divo, all of which were sold out within 24 hours of its introduction.

What is the Most Popular Bugatti?

The most popular Bugatti today is the Chiron, which is also the entry-level Bugatti and the only one on sale today. The Divo was only produced in 40 examples and sold out immediately. The La Voiture Noire was a one-off. One could argue that the Divo was more popular because of how quickly it sold out but, at the same time, one could argue that the Veyron (no longer in production) is the most popular as it is considered by some to be the greatest supercar ever built.

What is the Most Expensive Bugatti?

With only one model currently on sale, the most expensive Bugatti is officially the Bugatti Chiron. However, the one-off Bugatti La Voiture Noire is the most expensive Bugatti in history with a price tag of $12.5 million before taxes and some $19 million after taxes. Needless to say, the person that commissioned the La Voiture Noire wasn’t worried about haggling on price.

What is the Fastest Bugatti?

All Bugatti cars a fast but the fastest model to date is the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, which could hit 62 mph (100 kph) in 2.4 seconds and had a top speed of 267.658 mph. This made it the fastest production car in the world for a period of time. The fastest car in Bugatti’s current lineup is the Chiron. It can hit 62 mph in 2.5 seconds and has a limited top speed of 261 mph. There are many that believe the Chiron can top the Veyron easily, but Bugatti isn’t eager to prove this and has forgone an official top speed run.

Bugatti Model Performance Specifications
Bugatti Veyron Bugatti Veyron Super Sport Bugatti Chiron Bugatti Divo Bugatti La Voire Noire
Engine 8.0-Liter W-16 8.0-Liter W-16 8.0-Liter W-16 8.0-Liter W-16 8.0-Liter W-16
Horsepower 987 Horsepower 1,184 Horsepower 1,479 Horsepower 1,479 Horsepower 1,479 Horsepower
Torque 922 LB-FT 1,106 LB-FT 1,180 LB-FT 1,180 LB-FT 1,180 LB-FT
0-60 mph 2.4 Seconds 2.4 Seconds 2.5 Seconds 2.5 Seconds 2.4 Seconds
Top Speed 253.81 MPH 267.856 MPH 261 MPH (limited) 236 MPH 260 MPH

To date, there are only two vehicles that have ever topped the Veyron, and those are the Hennessey Venom GT at 270 mph and the Koenigsegg Agera RS at 278 mph. The SSC Tuatara is said to be capable of going beyond 300 mph, but it has yet to be proven, and Hennessey claims that the Venom F5 can hit 301 mph, but that hasn’t been proven yet either.

Are Bugatti Cars Reliable?

There is no real study of how reliable Bugatti vehicles are, and that’s not surprising because everything Bugatti builds is considered a “limited” model. Even the base-model Bugatti – the Chiron – is limited to just 500 examples. The Divo is limited to just 40, and the La Voiture Noire was sold as a one-off that we’ll probably never see again until the current owner decides it’s time to sell for a profit. For what it’s worth, every Bugatti is hand-built (even the Chiron) and repairing anything to the engine requires delivery back to Bugatti as the car needs to be split in half to access most of the mechanicals. If you’re thinking about buying one, keep in mind that even basic maintenance is cheap, with an oil change setting you back some $21,000!