“Uptown.” The phrase conjures images of sophisticated luxury – timeless elegance with a flavor for the avant-garde. It is fine furnishings and the latest electronics, cool jazz with an equal dose of hot salsa. It’s the blending of two colors to create a distinctive new shade. That’s the premise behind the Buick Enclave UpTown being introduced at the 2007 Specialty Equipment Market Association Show in Las Vegas. It was created by Rick Bottom Designs of Mendota, Ill.

  • 2007 Buick Enclave UpTown
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The literal representation of Buick Enclave UpTown’s Ying and Yang is the two-tone paint theme – White Chocolate Pearl on top and Cocoa Metallic on the bottom. The paint is separated and accentuated by the discriminating use of custom chrome trim – the latter complementing the chrome trim found on production Enclaves, including on the front and rear bumper fascias, the grille surround and the renowned portholes. The Enclave Uptown is instantly noticed thanks to its production chrome vertical waterfall grille and Buick tri-shield.

2007 Buick Enclave UpTown
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Proving that a luxury crossover can be sporty, Enclave UpTown has been lowered two inches in the front, three inches in the rear and outfitted with 22-inch MOMO wheels and Pirelli tires. The result is a ground-hugging athletic appearance.

Enter Enclave UpTown via the genuine Buick Accessories molded assist steps to take in unparalleled entertainment. Buick’s QuietTuning does its best to contain a 2,000-watt Eclipse audio, video and navigation system that pumps out sound through 12 speakers, including two 12-inch subwoofers. To help ensure that the sound stays mainly within the vehicle, Enclave UpTown features additional Hushmat sound-damping material. Bluetooth technology, meanwhile, enables the driver and passengers to stay connected to their world while enjoying Enclave’s high level of luxury and comfort – reflected in the handsome Cashmere leather upholstery and Warm Camphor Burl wood trim. Premium floor mats complete the equipment upgrade.

Buick is General Motors premium international brand anchored by North America and China regions. A storied, 104-year-old brand in North America, Buick is also one of the most well-known automobile brands in China with more than 1.3 million Buick owners. Last year, Buick sold more than 300,000 units there and more than 567,000 worldwide, a 17,000-unit increase over 2006. Buick nameplates in North America include the Enclave luxury crossover, Lucerne and LaCrosse entry-luxury sedans. The Buick lineup in China include the LaCrosse and Park Avenue premium sedans, Regal upper-medium sedan, Excelle family and GL8 and FirstLand executive wagons.

2007 Buick Enclave UpTown
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  • BASF/Glasurit White Chocolate Pearl and Cocoa Metallic exterior paint
  • Genuine Buick Accessories molded assist steps and premium floor mats
  • Custom chrome trim by Rick Bottom Designs
  • Wheels: MOMO 22-inch x 9-inch
  • Tires: Pirelli P275/45ZR22




  • Eclipse audio, video and navigation system
    • Two-thousand watts
    • Twelve speakers
    • XM Satellite Radio
    • CD Player
    • iPod connectivity
    • Bluetooth technology
  • Hushmat sound-damping material



  • Gravana lowering springs by H&R – two inches, front; three inches, rear
2007 Buick Enclave UpTown
- image 209668
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  (60) posted on 11.8.2007

heh tango, "chrome rimmed ghetto", couldn’t have said it better myself smiley

  (1) posted on 11.6.2007

This vehicle was a huge hit at the SEMA show........had a crowd around it at all times. Very upscale and beautiful !

  (372) posted on 10.31.2007

Firstly, let me say that when I saw this article I clicked on it so fast the mouse didn’t even realise I had said something! But then I started to look closer. I don’t like what they’ve done here. The two tone paint takes away from the lines. Certainly, the line formed between the two colours is supposed to accent the flanks, but it doesn’t. From certain angles it is going to look seriously crooked and unattractive. The tone line should be lower down at the top of the bumpers and across the top of lower door plates. The next problem I have with this travesty (that’s the only thing I can call it) are those power amplifiers in the back of the front seats. Unless the designers of this thing aren’t aware, power amps run hot. VERY hot. They are going to make the front seat occupants uncomfortable and pitty the poor child in the back that reaches forward to touch it, or worse s s juice on it! The ones in the trunk are just eye-sores and shouldn’t be there. Sorry to say, but that and the tvs in the headrest do not say "UpTown" at all. It says chrome rimmed ghetto more than any Escalade ever would. Buick...do NOT put this thing on the road.

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