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The year is 2018, and every automaker has their vision for the future. With the current trend, it should come as no surprise that most of those “vision” concepts are crossovers, SUVs or coupe-like crossovers. Such is the case with Bucks latest concept, the Enspire – a model Buick says is an “exploration of its bold design ideas and innovative technologies for future mobility.” PR Talk aside, it does have a stylish and sleek design that’s still somewhat within the realm of reality. It’s said to feature augmented reality, a conceptual form of 5G internet connectivity, and has an all-electric drivetrain that’s powerful enough to get it up to 60 mph in just four seconds. Whether or not Buick will last long enough for a concept like this to come to life remains to be seen but let’s take a closer look at it anyway.

2018 Buick Enspire Concept Exterior

2018 Buick Enspire
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The exterior for the Enspire is defined by a lot of the same characteristics as most futuristic electric cars

The exterior for the Enspire is defined by a lot of the same characteristics as most futuristic electric cars. It features sleek and energetic headlight units that are impregnated with LEDs. Those flank a fake grille that seems to have a backlighting to it like those from Volkswagen and Mercedes. The corners of the front fascia have air vents that appear to be functional and are probably used to help keep the electric battery and motors cool. The hood and side profile of the body have a pretty modern look to them while the roofline gives it that coupe-ish look.

Moving further back, you’ll notice that the greenhouse is actually a bit thinner than the rear quarters, giving the concept a muscular look yet smooth look. The C-Pillar takes on a design similar to that of the new GMC Terrain just scaled down and pinched. The taillights run the full width of the rear and are clearly LED units while a pair of fake vents in the corners give it some more character. As usual, the concept lacks the normal door handles and side view mirrors because that’s apparently the future.

Truth be told, the concept is quite attractive in its own way. It’s got the stylish look that is so expected in today’s market. Is this the future of Buick design, though? Well, that’s really hard to say, but let’s keep digging to see what we can come up with.

2018 Buick Enspire Concept Interior

2018 Buick Enspire
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It has a unique dash that’s trimmed very generously with chrome

We haven’t had the chance to get all up inside the Enspire, but from what we can see, It’s quite luxurious. It has a unique dash that’s trimmed very generously with chrome. There’s a unique display screen where the center stack would be and another down in the center console where a shifter would usually be. The steering wheel itself looks almost like a synthetic material that’s wrapped in leather. The central hub of the steering wheel looks like it’s a touch-sensitive panel and is lopsided with the right side taking up more of the spoke that the left.

The instrument cluster is also one large screen that displays map information and speed, but that’s okay because what’s really important here is the augmented reality shown off on the windshield. In a futuristic blue hue, it displays all pertinent information like range, battery charge, and the like, but also a driving line of your route and navigational points in 3D. It also outlines things in the background to help visualize the road ahead. If this is the future of BMW interiors, sign us up!

2018 Buick Enspire Concept Performance

2018 Buick Enspire
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Whether or not it’s AWD remains to be seen, but it can deliver 410 kW or 549.59 horsepower.

The Enspire is Buick’s all-electric pride and joy, so Buick supposedly equipped it with some decent power. Whether or not it’s AWD remains to be seen, but it can deliver 410 kW or 549.59 horsepower. Torque figures are still a secret, but it can supposedly hit 60 mph in four seconds. Buick claims it has a range of 370 miles when fully charged and can take an 80-percent charge (or add 296 miles) in 40 minutes when fast charging.

Outside of that information, all other performance information has yet to be disclosed. It will be shown off at the Beijing Motor Show at the end of April so we may get more information then. To be honest, however, I wouldn’t expect much. As a concept, this thing may not even be fully functional, so It’s probably best not to hold your breath.

Final Thoughts

2018 Buick Enspire
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This is honestly the first time I’ve looked at a brand’s vision concept and not said to myself that there’s no way in hell that will ever happen. Don’t get it twisted, the interior design of this thing will never – I repeat; never – happen but the exterior design and the augmented reality is a real possibility. And, it’s actually a possibility that we would like to see in the future. Pair that kind of display with the benefits of all this driver-assistance technology, and it could actually have a positive outcome in regard to making the roads a little safer. But, we’ll just have to see what the future holds.

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The Buick Enspire all-electric concept SUV, an exploration of Buick’s bold design ideas and innovative technologies for future mobility, made its global debut in China. Key features include:

Experience Features:

Exterior feature lines and advanced aerodynamics accentuate the exterior’s strong, sculptural look.
A “surround skyline” interior theme and suspended theater-type seating give the Enspire a bright and spacious interior.
The center console and armrests are made from natural wood grain and microfiber suede.
Cutting-edge technologies include an OLED display screen and an intelligent augmented reality technology-based head-up display system.
5G super high-speed network concept.

Performance Features:

Buick’s eMotion electric propulsion technology generates a maximum power of 410 kW, enabling the concept to sprint from 0-60 mph in 4 seconds.
The Enspire is able to travel up to 370 miles on a single charge.
Supports both fast and wireless charging — the battery can be charged to 80 percent of capacity within 40 minutes.

The Enspire all-electric concept SUV will be on display at Auto China 2018 in Beijing from April 25 to May 4.

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