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Buick Goes Star-Studded Route For Its Super Bowl LI Commercial

Buick Goes Star-Studded Route For Its Super Bowl LI Commercial

Cam Newton and Miranda Kerr star in the ad promoting the Cascada and Encore

Say what you will about Buick’s place in the US luxury car market scene, but when it comes to spending for Super Bowl commercials, the General Motors-owned automaker has proven that it could spend with the best of them. The latest example of Buick’s free-wheeling Big Game spending comes in the form of its new commercial for Super Bowl LI.

The ad stars the Buick Cascada and Encore SUV, but it also taps Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton in a co-starring role with super model Miranda Kerr appearing in a cameo role. The combination of star power may sound strange on the surface, but Newton and Kerr perfectly encapsulate the “celebrity-focused” advertising strategy Buck has employed in recent years. Remember Peyton Manning and Shaquille O’Neal’s Buick ads in the past?

The story behind this particular ad revolves around some parents who spot the two Buicks while watching their kids’ pee-wee football game. One dad then playfully says that if that car (the Cascada) was, in fact, a Buick, he’d be Cam Newton. Alas, in true Disney fashion, Newton magically appears under center, much to the shock of the children he’s now playing against.

Kerr’s appearance in the advertisement isn’t as prominent as Newton’s, but the “if that SUV (the Encore) is a Buick, then I’m Miranda Kerr” quip magically works again as the dad weirdly turns into one of the most beautiful super models in the world. Yes, it happened, so be warned.

All told, the family-friendly ad hits on a lot of levels. Kids and adults can both appreciate it, especially the latter of whom count themselves as either sports fans or, well, Miranda Kerr fans.

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Buick Will Attend Super Bowl For The First Time

Buick Will Attend Super Bowl For The First Time

American automaker enlists Odell Beckham Jr and Emily Ratajkowski to star in the 30-second ad

Buick’s plan to become a bigger player in the US market is about to get a big jolt in the mainstream after the company announced that, for the first time in its history, Buick will roll out a commercial during the Super Bowl. The American automaker will present a 30-second ad centered on its “Experience the New Buick” campaign and featuring the Buick Cascada. True to its recent form of having famous athletes and celebrities serve as pitchmen for the brand, the Buick commercial will feature New York Giants wideout Odell Beckham Jr. and actress/model Emily Ratajkowski.

Like with most Super Bowl ads, we’re not going to get a good look at the commercial until at least a few days before the big game on February 7, 2016. But, rest assured, the mere presence of Buick during the Super Bowl is big enough to garner some attention for the Cascada. That’s normally the case when you have a commercial in the world’s biggest sporting event, which is expected to be watched by over 115 million people in the U.S. alone.

The new ad is also considered the beginning of a very aggressive year for the company, one that will be highlighted by the release of three new models, including the Cascada, Buick’s first convertible model in 25 years. Later in the year, the American automaker has also scheduled the release of the redesigned LaCrosse and the Envision compact crossover.

But, before all three models are launched, Buick will be present at the big game for the first time in its long and storied history with a 30-second spot that reportedly costs $5 million. It’s never been in this position before so the fact that the company is willing to spend all that money for a commercial is proof that it wants to start the year off on a high note and ride that wave of momentum throughout the year.

With the Cascada, LaCrosse, and Envision all due this year, there’s no better time and place for Buick to showcase to the global community that it’s back and is well on its way to become the automotive force it once was.

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