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2015 BYD Qin

2015 BYD Qin

The BYD Qin might not be a known vehicle in the U.S., but that soon may change. The Chinese automaker BYD is preparing to make its entrance into the American market . The Qin is the successor to the F3DM plug-in hybrid that launched in 2008. While sales were initially good for the F3DM, a slow-down prompted a replacement, so BYD decided to take its hybrid technology and stuff it into the Su Rui sedan, thus creating the Qin in 2013. Now the BYD Qin is aiming for car markets in Europe with availability happening sometime in the latter part of 2015 and an American entrance happening shortly after.

Previous Qin models have been a huge success for BYD in China. The company, which was founded in 2003, has rocketed to the top spot in plug-in hybrid sales in its home country. Now with an American headquarters already located in California, BYD is poised to invade.

However, this isn’t the first time BYD has promised a U.S. version of its cars. Back in 2010, BYD was set to bring its e6 hatchback over, but the move was ultimately postponed. Now with a more solid product, the automaker is more ready than ever.

So what’s the Qin all about? Well first off, don’t get used to the name. BYD says the Qin nomenclature will likely be changed for European and American sales. What its name will be is still unknown. What we do know is the heavily revised 2015 Qin is a respectable plug-in hybrid vehicle with an obtainable price, decent range, and styling that isn’t half bad.

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