There’s big…and then there’s really big.

When it comes to SUVs, nobody does it bigger – and as some would say, better – than Cadillac and the hulking Escalade. The SUV has been one of the most popular Cadillac models in recent years, as evidenced by the enormous sales success it’s gotten here in the US. You only need to watch TV to realize that just about every celebrity is sporting an Escalade in one form or another.

The reception of the Escalade in the US isn’t the same in Europe and while the blame can mostly be placed on an incredible number of consumer choices, Cadillac is still hoping that their prized SUV gets to work across the pond.

With the new Cadillac Escalade Platinum Edition, they may have found the vehicle that can compete with the Range Rovers, X5s, and Cayennes of the world. Whether the car becomes a hit remains up in the air, but given the upgrades Cadillac put on this special edition SUV, we’re pretty sure that they like their chances.

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  • 2011 Cadillac Escalade Platinum Edition
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Already teeming with both size and features, Cadillac decided that for this version only, they’re going to add even more features, including a keyless entry system, electric-powered adjustable leather seats with memory function, xenon adaptive headlights, temperature-controlled cup holders, a hard drive-included satellite navigation system, a Tehama aniline leather finish that can be found on the seats, the instrument panel cover, and the center console that also comes with genuine buried walnut and olive ash wood trimming. Over at the back, there’s a dedicated entertainment system with its very own DVD player. Oh, and they also added a new set of 22” rims for good measure.

What’s most impressive about all these new add-ons is that most of them are only available as options in other variants whereas for this one, they’re all part of the whole package. What that means is that the only thing customers can choose from is the exterior color. Pretty much figures why the Escalade Platinum Edition sells for 132,434 euros, or about $180,000 based on current exchange rates.

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  (194) posted on 02.24.2012

This is the first time I saw this Cadillac. I even thought it was a range rover. They somehow seemed to alike in terms of the body build and their ars.

  (745) posted on 02.8.2011

Cadillac latest advertising campaign pegs the brand as “The New Standard of the World.” But are they really? Over the past 10 years, there is no question that they haven’t been. But do vehicles like the Cadillac Escalade Platinum stand to change that?

  (1023) posted on 11.25.2010

Sometimes i feel that some automakers just making making money for $180,000 it’s a bit pricey though..and i can’t see any special about this one..

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