Given the actual price of the gas, it is very important to keep a good statistique of the gas you use, and more important the money you spend to buy it.

You need to know it’s not such a big deal to do this. You only need to know: the starting mileage, ending mileage and the gallons you used. Now, follow the next steps and while by the time you will finish reading the article, you’ll have a very easy way of knowing your MPG (miles per gallon).

First of all fill up your vehicle gas tank completely and before hiting the road write down your starting mileage (reading the odometer). Let’s say buy this fill up you have driving 25635.6 miles. Note this down!

Now, when it’s the time to refule, write down the number of gallons you need to completly fill the tank. Suppose you allready have 24.5 gallons and you need 25.5 to fill it up. Also, wrute this down!

Ok, now read the odometer again and write down the number miles driven: suppose the ordometer shows you 26565.7 miles. That means you have been driving 26565.7-25635.6=930,1 miles.

The last step it to calculate the MPG: divide the number of miles by the number of gallons you need to fill up your tank: 930,1/15.5=36,4. This is your MPG.

Good luck!

Good to know!

1. The MPG tells you how efficient your car is: so the higher the better!

2. You know allmost every month the gas price is getting more expensive, so if you want to kno how this will affect your budget take the number of miles you expect to drvie (by week, month or year) and divide it by your MPG. Then multiply that answer by the price of gas per gallon. By plugging in different prices, you’ll see how much more - or less - you end up paying (per week, month or year).

3. It is important to calculate your MPG more than once, this will offer you a more accurate measurement. If you use the highway more than the city, it will be higher, else it will be lower.

4. If you normally drive at an average of 70 MPH, try to drive for a few days at 55 MPH and measure your MPG again - you’ll probably see it go up!

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