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2015 Campagna T-REX 20th Anniversary Edition

2015 Campagna T-REX 20th Anniversary Edition

The Campagna T-Rex began its journey to fame in 1996, when the model debuted carrying a 1.4-liter Kawasaki inline-four engine and two side-by-side seats. Now as we approach the 2016 model year, the T-rex has moved to a 1.6-liter BMW inline-six engine that produces 160 horsepower. Despite this bump in power, the T-Rex remains a very simple vehicle that is more a motorcycle than a car. As we approach its 20th anniversary, Campagna is releasing a 20-unit special edition to commemorate the occasion.

This 20th anniversary model features a smattering of extra goodies, but nothing too overwhelming. Most of the draw to this model will be its exclusivity.

The base T-Rex is already pricey enough, so is this exclusivity worth the hefty $12,000 price hike that comes with the 20th anniversary model?

Continue reading my review of the Campagna T-Rex 20th anniversary edition to find out.

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Video: Jay Leno Takes the Campagna T-Rex out for a Spin

Video: Jay Leno Takes the Campagna T-Rex out for a Spin

When it comes to cars, Jay Leno will try out just about anything with wheels on. Though he prefers those machines with four wheels, he’s got no problem getting inside one that has three wheels on it.

Especially if it’s called the T-Rex.

Yep, Jay Leno has got his hands on a Campagna T-Rex, the three-wheeled, fully street-legal vehicle that defies conventional explanation.

In the latest installment of Jay Leno’s Garage, the denim-wearing comedian gives us the lowdown on the Campagna T-Rex. From its history as a brand that has produced different iterations of the T-Rex since 1995 all the way to its current form as a prowling marauder of the streets, Leno does his best — as he always does — to provide as much information about all of the cars that pass through his incredible garage and auto studio.

And as is customary with cars that enter his garage, Leno gets inside the T-Rex and goes out on town to give it a spin. There are no better perks in life than being able to talk about cars for a living and then having the cache to get inside one to see just how it rides on the streets.

Especially when it involves arguably one of the most unique cars on the market today.

Click past the jump to read about what makes the Campagna T-Rex one of these unique vehicles

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