• 1,157-Piece 1968 Fiat 500 F Lego Kit Could Become Reality if You Vote for it

Make your votes count and get this Lego Fiat 500 sent to production

Lego’s lineup of auto themed creations has grown exponentially in recent years. It’s got a Ferrari F40, a Volkswagen T1 Camper, and a Mini Cooper. And those are a few of the “hard to find” types. Now, Lego is putting the onus on the people to decide if this Fiat 500 project is worth actually bringing into production.

The project is part of the Lego’s Ideas website where followers of the brick can support their favorite projects. Since the Fiat 500 is included here, it’s not going to be produced unless it gets a specific number of votes. As of today, there are only 333 supporters of the project, but the good news is that voting doesn’t end for another 358 days so yes, there’s still plenty of time to get the Fiat 500 put into Lego production.

That said, there are on assurances that the Fiat 500 will be put into production even if it garners enough support. That’s only one piece of the puzzle that Lego has to navigate through. There’s also that issue of licensing, which is always a tricky proposition in it of itself. Fortunately, Fiat and Lego have had collaborations before, most notably with all the Ferraris that have been immortalized in brick form in the past. So why should you vote for this Fiat 500? Notwithstanding the fact that it’s a great piece, it’s a tremendous addition to Lego’s growing collection of automotive products. At the very least, it’s going to look especially spiffy next to the aforementioned Cooper and the recently released Volkswagen Beetle.

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Why it Matters

I don’t normally try and let other people do something for my benefit but I’m going to make an exception for this one. Please go and vote for this 1968 Fiat 500 F Lego kit so it can be considered for production. I know a lot of people did the same for the Caterham Super Seven kit that Lego approved for production back in May 2016. That kit went through a similar process and it got enough support to get Lego to green light it.

I’m fully supporting the Fiat 500 kit because it’s going to be a nice addition to my modest Lego collection. Yes, it’s selfish request but I’m entitled to one at some point. All joking aside, saabfan did a tremendous job creating the rendering for this Fiat 500. It even has special touches like a removable luggage-rack on the back, a suitcase with a bottle and a glass inside, and a detailed trunk with a spare wheel, fuel tank, car jack, and a toolbox. In other words, it’s a really close depiction of the actual car, which makes it that much more interesting to build.

Source: Lego Ideas

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