This kind of stuff is happening way to often these days...

Lately, it seems like vehicles have become vessels of death and destruction, and are an easy weapon for terrorists to get their hands on. An incident at a Tesla event outside of a Shinola in Midtown, Detroit looked to be the most recent of these types of attacks, with one person dead and three injured after a being hit by a truck “traveling at high speed.” But as it turns out, it wasn’t a terrorist action at all. According to local news outlet WDIV Local 4, the driver of a pickup crossed the center line of the road at high speed, and slammed into the people, throwing them into the air. One victim was a 73-year-old male who was wedged underneath one of Tesla’s Airstream trailers.

Three of the victims were taken to the hospital, and one declined any medical treatment. Police arrived on the scene quickly and took the driver of the truck, a 43-year-old, into custody for drug and alcohol testing. It was originally reported that this incident was intentional, however, the police now say that the driver didn’t have a license and has admitted to taking drugs prior to driving. At this time, it isn’t believed that the incident was intentional and the living victims have been listed as being in “temporary serious condition.” Tesla is in Detroit as part of its Tesla Explores campaign in which it uses Model Xs to haul around airstream trailers that have been fashioned into mobile design studios.

Despite the Situation, Tesla Continues its Campaign

Word has it that Tesla’s mobile showroom in front of the Shinola in Detroit is still open, despite being surrounded by police tape

Shortly after the incident occurred, Tesla decided to reach out with a statement:
“We’ve learned of an incident earlier today in Detroit involving a pickup truck that collided with four people near one of our mobile galleries. Our employees are safe and accounted for, and our thoughts are with those who were injured. We will offer any assistance we can to the authorities who are on the scene.”

Word has it that Tesla’s mobile showroom in front of the Shinola in Detroit is still open, despite being surrounded by police tape. Its presence here in Michigan is quite controversial as this is one of the few states that have refused to let Tesla sell its vehicles here directly to the customer without going through a third-party dealer. Big surprise, given the presence of manufacturers like Ford, GM, and Chrysler, but that doesn’t stop Tesla from promoting its vehicles here as long as it doesn’t sell them.

Tesla is currently in the process of suing the State of Michigan for the right to sell and service its vehicles here without having to go through other dealerships. Of course, similar lawsuits in Texas and Connecticut were recently lost. Stay tuned for updates about this most recent incident.

Source: clickondetroit

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