• 10 Best Automotive Christmas Gifts for 2014

    TopSpeed takes a look at Dirt Fish Rally School.
  • Trying to find the perfect gift for the gearhead in your family? TopSpeed has 10 good ideas for you.

Ready or not, it’s that time of year again. Decorations are going up, people are bringing trees inside their houses, and talk about an old saint named Nicholas is a pervasive conversation topic. Yep, it’s Christmas time. For car-loving folks like us, Christmas is a great opportunity to let our friends and family know the things we’d really like to have — more than a fruitcake or another necktie.

So in that interest, we’ve complied a list of 10 great gift ideas for the gearhead in your family. This inspirational list is by no means comprehensive, but it gives a good starting point. The prices of the gifts range from a couple of bucks to several thousand with plenty of choices in between.

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Griot’s Starter Car Wash Kit

10 Best Automotive Christmas Gifts for 2014 Products
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Nothing feels better than knowing your ride is perfectly clean. There are plenty of companies out there selling car care supplies, but perhaps none is more comprehensive than Griot’s Garage. Griot’s Starter Car Wash Kit comes with a nice rolling bucket, two soft microfiber washing mitts, and a 16-ounce bottle of special soap all for $59.99. The great thing about Griot’s is you can keep adding similar products to the order. Need drying towels, wheel cleaner, or tire detailing kits? They’ve got it.

The Valentine One Radar Detector

10 Best Automotive Christmas Gifts for 2014 Products
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This is a great investment. Sure, it might cost some extra cash up front, but you’ll be happy to avoid tickets, traffic court, or license points. There are plenty of quality radar detectors out there, but the Valentine One stands out. It offers directional pinpointing of the incoming radar, allowing you plenty of time to check your speed and look for the “bogie.” The display also shows how many radar signals it’s receiving, alerting you to a possible speed trap. The V1 will cost you though, with a price of $399.

Daytona 500 Tickets

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Like motorsports? How about seeing them in person? Even if you’re not a NASCAR fan, seeing an event in person is practically a requirement for petrol heads. The loud straight pipes of the carbureted V-8 engines tearing around a track at 200 mph is enough to get anyone hooked. Tickets can range from $32 up to $230 depending on seating location. Even cheap seats are still good and offer a decent view of the track. With the 500 happening February 22, 2015, Christmas is a perfect time to snag your seats.

Dirt Fish Rally School

10 Best Automotive Christmas Gifts for 2014
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TopSpeed takes a look at Dirt Fish Rally School.

Wish you could keep up with Ken Block or Randy Pobst? Well there are plenty of driving schools all across the country, but none are perhaps more fun than Dirt Fish. Concentrating on rally-style driving, the school uses Subaru WRX STIs and BRZs as classrooms, teaching students about car control on the dirt. Dirt Fish is located in Snoqualmie, Washington, roughly 35 miles from the Seattle airport. The school offers packages that range from a two-hour “taste of rally” for $430 up to a three day advanced course costing $3,625. Rest assured knowing you’ll have both a great time and learn how to properly drift in dirt.

Forza Horizon 2

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Horizon 2 is the latest and greatest of the Forza series, combining great graphics with realistic physics and driving situations. The game centers on the premise of a road trip around Southern Europe with a group of wealthy friends. The game is full of new exotics and classic vehicles from the world over and allows vehicle upgrades throughout the game play. For a full run-down of the new Forza Horizon 2, check out TopSpeed’s review.

A GoPro Camera

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GoPros are becoming ubiquitous in the automotive industry. The tiny cameras allow for crazy shots that were not otherwise possible before. Capture footage of your axles at work, the underside of your Jeep as it crawls over rocks, or the side or your track car as you perfectly pin those apexes. GoPros are relatively inexpensive for such a quality video camera, with prices ranging from $199 up to $499. There are plenty of accessories and mounting solutions to fit just about every application.

Razor Drift Crazy Cart

This one is self-explanatory. Just watch the video starting at the three-minute mark. Razor does offer two sizes for the Crazy Cart with prices starting at $299 for the standard and $799 for the Crazy Cart XL. The little carts are motivated by powerful batteries that deliver torque to the main drive wheel, while caster wheels let the cart move sideways. A “hand-brake” lever adjusts the rear casters for creating those hilariously fun drifts.

SiriusXM Radio Service

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Most new cars come with satellite radio service capabilities built in, but not everybody extends the service past the initial free trail. Having been spoiled to SiriusXM in our press cars, we can attest to the service’s great selection of music, sports, and news. Best of all, the stations never go out of range no matter where you drive. Yearly service packs starts at $119 for the basic, “Mostly Music” package — you may also break this up into $9.99 monthly payments. If you’re a sports person, upgrade to the XM “All Access” package that comes with all the premium channels plus access to SirusXM from your computer. That package costs $199 a year or can be broken up into $18.99 monthly payments.

A Snap-on Toolbox

10 Best Automotive Christmas Gifts for 2014 Products
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Every petrol head needs a good place to stack tools and Snap-on makes some of the best tool boxes around. This is the 50-inch Guard Set roll cab that is made from laser-cut stainless steel and comes in seven powder-coated paint options, including this candy apple red color. The drawers are built to support the weight of heavy tools and uses ball-bearing rollers for easy operation. Four heavy-duty casters make the tool box moveable and a flat top surface is a great place for work. Prices start at $515 for this model. Of course, Snap-on offers boxes much smaller and larger than this.

Hand Tools

10 Best Automotive Christmas Gifts for 2014 Products
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Now that you’ve got that sweet Snap-on toolbox, you need tools to fill it with. Craftsman is currently offering a 309-piece mechanics tool set for only $179.88. The set normally commands $399.99, but it seems Craftsman is in a giving mood for the holidays. The set includes the socket wrenches; extensions; standard and metric sockets in regular, deep wells, and Torx; box-end wrenches with a handy ratchet feature; and a full set of Allen wrenches. Best of all, all Craftsman tools come with a lifetime warranty. You break it, they replace it.

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