Get into the Christmas spirit with these affordable car decorations

Christmas is just around the corner and it’s about time we start decorating our houses and putting up those Christmas trees. Decorating cars for Christmas has become a trend too and if you’re planning to do that, here’s a list of 10 car decorations that you can buy.

Reindeer decoration kit

10 Ways to Decorate Your Car this Christmas
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Reindeer antlers and nose are arguably the most popular Christmas car decorations today. They’re affordable and easy to install. Rudolf’s red nose goes on the front grille for your car, while the antlers are installed using the rear windows (or front windows if you have a two-door). You don’t need any tools to do it and they won’t damage your car. The nose comes with a twist tie to strap it to your car’s grille, while the antlers feature plastic clips that you can mount onto the windows. Just roll them up to secure them in place. Priced from around $12 to $14, the set includes a six-inch-diameter nose and a pair of 17-inch long antlers.Get yours here!

Reflective light bulb magnets

10 Ways to Decorate Your Car this Christmas
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Putting stickers on your car is a bit tricky as they may be hard to remove after a while, but you can use these reflective magnets to put some Christmas cheer on your car. They’re shaped like light bulbs and each set comes with an assortment of colors, including green, red, blue, yellow, orange, and even pink. You can install them randomly or arrange them as you would put lights in a Christmas tree. They feature a strong magnetic hold that will last through rain, wind, and snow and they shine like a real bulb in the sun or under light. They leave no resisude upon removing. You can find different sets on Amazon with prices ranging from $9 to $15, depending on size and amount of bulbs.Check the latest prices!

Outdoor LED rope lights

10 Ways to Decorate Your Car this Christmas
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If you want actual lights on your car, you can ditch the magnets and go for a proper outdoor rope of LED lights. This 40-feet long string includes 120 lights with eight lighting modes and 10 brightness levels, all operated through remote control.

They’re battery powered, so they’re easy to carry and can be used just about anywhere since you don’t have to plug them in a socket. They’re waterproof and will resist outside in cold weather, even when it’s freezing. However, putting lights on your car and then driving around isn’t exactly safe or legal, so these lights are best used as decoration on a car that’s parked in front of your house. Pricing for outdoor LED lights varies from $17 to $21, depending on length and number of LEDs. Get it with free delivery today!

Santa Claus side window decal

10 Ways to Decorate Your Car this Christmas
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If you’re not a big fan of lights or slapping magnets on your car’s bodywork, maybe this 3D Santa Clause window decal is the thing for you. It’s made out of PVC and it’s easy to install and remove. At 10.6 by 13 inches, it’s also big enough to make it seem as if Santa Claus is actually riding in the back seat of your car. Be careful now though, you might get some unwanted attention and end up with a bunch of kids following you to get their hands on that gift bag. The 3D Santa Claus decal costs $9 to $13.

Reflective reindeer magnets

10 Ways to Decorate Your Car this Christmas
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Here’s a cool compromise between cute reindeer and Christmas lights. These funny looking reindeer are made from reflective material, so they will light up when hit by headlamps or sunlight. The set includes two waving reindeer and two jingle bells that you can attach to your car as magnets. The reindeer are 10 inches tall and seven inches wide, so they’re quite big. Thanks to their design, you can mount them to look as if they’re popping out of the trunk or the doors to wave at people. Nothing spreads more Christmas cheer than a bunch of smiling and waving reindeer. All for 12 bucks on Amazon right now.

Reflective peek-a-boo reindeer decoration

10 Ways to Decorate Your Car this Christmas
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Looking for more reindeer variety? Well, how about a peek-a-boo reindeer with a funny face and a red hat. Also reflective and also a magnet so you can drop just about anywhere on your car. This one’s a bit smaller at 6.5 by 8.5 inches, but at only $10.95, you can buy two.

Snowflake window stickers

10 Ways to Decorate Your Car this Christmas
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Another way to decorate your car is by putting snowflake stickers on the windows. This isn’t exactly safe as it may reduce visibility, but you can safely do it on a parked car. If you’re not planning to drive for a few days, you might as well put snowflake cling stickers on your windows while the car sits in your driveway. These are easy to use and because they do not require glue, they’re easy to remove as well. This specific set also comes with Santa Claus and reindeer decals for a complete winter wonderland scenario. They’re usually priced from $7 to $11. Order them in time for Christmas!

Hanging Santa Claus / elf legs

10 Ways to Decorate Your Car this Christmas
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What can you do with a pair of hanging legs? Well, you can stick them in your car’s trunk and spread some mobile Christmas spirit while driving down the road. You can go with either Santa’s legs and boots or a pair of green and striped elf legs. The idea of having Santa or an elf in your trunk gives it a bit of a Halloween vibe, but it’s still a fun way to go Christmas shopping. Hanging legs are usually priced at around $13, so getting both Santa andelf legs won’t get too expensive.

Front grille Christmas wreath

10 Ways to Decorate Your Car this Christmas
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If you want to decorate your car this Christmas but keep things simple, this wreath is perfect for you. Just like a reindeer nose, it goes on your front grille, but this specific wreath is a fancier option. It comes decorated with 20 white LED outdoor lights, synthetic garland, and a velvety red bow. The kit contains everything you need to mount it on the car and light it up, including a power cord for the 12-volt socket, two suction cups, and cable ties. This one’s a bit more expensive though, with pricing ranging from $40 to around $50, depending on offers.

Inflatable Grinch

10 Ways to Decorate Your Car this Christmas
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Our last pick is for those who want to have a few good laughs while driving around. Instead of lights, magnets, antlers or Santa Claus decals, get your very own inflatable Grinch and put it in the passenger seat. He’s green and mean, but he’s also Christmasy enough thanks to a red cap and a striped scarf. It self-inflates in just a few seconds and it comes with stakes and tethers for outdoor setup. Once you’re done driving around, you can move the pot-bellied character into the yard. It should become an interesting conversation topic with your neighbors, but let’s hope it won’t scare the dog away. The inflatable Grinch costs $69.95.

Well, that’s it from us here at TopSpeed. How are you planning to decorate your car this Christmas? Is it lights, decals, Santa, reindeer antlers, or the obnoxious Grinch? Let us know in the comments section.

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