It seems as though Formula D regularly produces some of the most insane vehicles in motorsport. These purpose-built slide machines often pump out horsepower figures in the four-digit range and can hold simply ridiculous angles at terrifying speeds. Most of the sideways crazies opt for some dedicated RWD platform for competition, but not Daigo Saito. He used to man the helm of a Lexus SC 430, but recently switched it up to an R35 GT-R with a RWD conversion and enough go-faster parts from HKS to produce 1,000 horsepower. Seen here running solo on a shakedown test, the build seems to be quite successful, at least judging by the impenetrable veil of tire smoke emitted from the winged rear end.

The venerable VR38DETT engine under the hood has been upgraded with stronger internals, dual HKS GTII 7867 turbochargers, and a pair of polished pipes coming off the external wastegates and plumbed up through the carbon-fiber bodywork. Not only does the car look amazing, with custom everything and big-time aero, it also sounds downright demonic, like a gang of oni were summoned to reside in the cylinders and they’re having a very bad day.

Most of the three-minute video is shot from behind, showcasing the outrageous angle Saito can achieve in the GT-R. The man makes it look easy, seemingly effortlessly stringing together corners in a brilliant display of finesse.
This is some exciting footage!

2016 Nissan GT-R

2016 Nissan GT-R Exterior
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The GT-R is regarded as Nissan’s ultimate performance flagship, a sports car bearing the latest in motorsports technology and an obsessive attention to detail. The exterior is carefully hewn for max downforce and minimal drag rather than aesthetics, while four master craftsmen build each 3.8-liter all-aluminum V-6 engine by hand. Routing the power is a dual-clutch sequential six-speed transmission, which, in stock form, feeds an advanced AWD system. The tires are filled with nitrogen rather than atmospheric air for higher stability. A sprint to 60 mph will take three seconds flat, and top speed is just below the 200 mph mark. Pricing starts at $101,770.

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