Heroes come in many shapes and forms, and for this 79-year old Irishman, he learned first hand that his 11-year old grandson is one of them. Charley Cullen may not be old enough to drive, but when his grandfather Finn blacked out behind the wheel of his car, Charley had no choice but to take the wheel. Fortunately, he already knew what he had to do, a skill he learned playing Grand Theft Auto.

Young Charley and his grandfather were on their way home when Finn, 79, lost consciousness while he was driving his car, pushing the pedal to speeds in excess of 117 km/h (72 mph). That’s when young Charley sprung into action, taking control of the steering wheel of the car, and pulling it back out on the the road.

“We met a few cars going by," Charley told the Irish Mirror. "I had one hand on the steering wheel and the other trying to wake papa.”

Incredibly, the youngster not only got his grandpa’s car out of a ditch, but he also managed to navigate his way around a busy main road before hitting a sidewall and crashing into a gate close to their house. From there, Charley pulled his grandfather out and carried him the remaining 50 yards to his home.

Charley suffered a fractured skull from his bout of heroism, but the important thing was he managed to not only save his own life, but also that of his grandfather.

For his incredible episode of bravery, the young soccer fan was rewarded by the Football Association of Ireland with free tickets to an Ireland-England friendly next year.

It’s an incredible story that serves as a reminder to all of us that no matter the ills of this world, there are still people who can be called upon in times of distress. Charley Cullen proved that by saving his grandfather’s life and in so doing, reminded all of us that kids can be our heroes too, even if their means of heroism involves what they learned from video games.

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Why It Matters

An 11-year old boy saves his 79-year old grandfather’s life because of driving skills he learned while playing Grand Theft Auto is about as incredible a story as you can find today. It’s an amazing act of heroism from somebody who isn’t even old enough to drive.

Grand Theft Auto

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