They like ‘em big down under

I’ve never been there, but I hear Australia has some pretty scary local fauna. Spiders, snakes, sharks… well, it looks like our friends over at 1320 Video found another crazy bit of local wildlife, and it’s got an H badge on the hood. I’ll just cut straight to the chase – what you see before you is a very petite Honda S600 stuffed with a very boosted Toyota 2JZ engine. As if that wasn’t enough, the owner grafted on a positively mammoth 88 mm turbo, blessing the 2,400-pound import with 1,200 horsepower at the rear wheels! It’s enough to run the quarter mile in 7.7 seconds at 167 mph, which ain’t bad for a half-century old tin can.

Of course, I say that with the utmost respect. This build is extremely clean, and the whole car looks polished and sleek, especially under the hood. But if you think seeing that ginormous turbocharger peeking out of the hood borders on the ludicrous, just wait until you see this car attack the drag strip. Watching the Honda race, it looks cartoonishly fast, like it should be leaving a hazy outline of a two-door hatchback at the starting line while lifting the front wheels off the black stuff. Awesome!


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