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Hunting for 6’s with Godzilla

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If you want to make ludicrous power and demolish the quarter mile with a modern import, the Nissan GT-R makes for a pretty solid foundation. Ever since it was first revealed back in 2007, tuners have been busy turning wrenches and coaxing ever-higher output levels from the GT-R’s venerable twin-turbo V-6, and these days, it’s evidenced by bigger and bigger dyno pulls, and smaller and smaller ETs.

One of the biggest stars in constellation GT-R is Gidi Chamdi, who is regularly seen behind the wheel of some of the most extreme GT-R’s on the planet. 1320 Video managed to catch up with Gidi recently at the GT-R World Cup at Bradenton Motorsports Park in Bradenton, Florida, where he was once again assuming the role of pilot in the latest ETS-tuned GT-R. Sporting an all-new build, this mad machine puts down an astonishing 3,000 horsepower. The goal? Nothing less than a shot at the GT-R drag racing world record. Hit play to watch what happens when all that power is unleashed down the drag strip.

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