It’s official: there will be a sportier version of the Veyron, will be called Veyron GT and will output 1350 hp! This will mean the GT will be the most powerful supercar int he world and most probably will also become the fastest one. Sorry Hennessey, you’ll just have to come with something better!

The next Veyron GT will make its official debut next year at the Geneva Auto Show. The engine will deliver 1350 hp and 1380 Nm. The top speed will go up to 264 mph. But the most impressive numbers are on the acceleration: 0 to 100 km/h in just 2,4 seconds (a Formula 1 car is 2,2 seconds), while from 100 km/h to 0 km/h 2,2 seconds.


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AK47  (1024) posted on 09.16.2008

Hennessey? Don’t make me laugh. Hennessey is no more than a tuner. Henessey’s Viper is nothing more than a tuned car, no different than a tuned Honda Civic.

A Bugatti Veyron, on the other hand is a work of art.

Aamir101  (29) posted on 09.15.2008

Superb ! Awesome, bugatti really knows how to keep up!

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