14-year old Australian kid is the fastest smartphone texter in the world

You know how we always challenge our buddies in a smartphone typing contest to determine who’s the fastest texter of the lot? Well, good thing we’re not friends with this 16-year old from Australia.

Earlier this year at the LG Mobile WorldCup Championships in New York City, Australian texting wizard, Cheong Kit Au, broke the Guinness world record for being the fastest person to type on a QWERTY-style smartphone. The 16-year old from Melbourne, Australia blasted through a 264-character text in just one minute and 17.03 seconds, breaking the previous world record by a mind-boggling 43 seconds.

The characters had been preselected by the Guinness World Records to give all the contestants equal opportunity to speed through them using a QWERTY-style keyboard. In the end, Cheong out-typed a pool of some of the world’s fastest texters, giving him sole possession of the title of world’s fastest smartphone texter.

While we consider ourselves pretty fast typists on a QWERTY ourselves, we’re not even going to consider challenging this kid, lest we want to embarrass ourselves.


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