Lexus will only make 500 units of the LF-A, making it a rat race for anybody who’s interested in the highly-anticipated supercar’s release on January 11, 2010.

And if you’re living in North America, you’re going to have to act faster because only 150 units will come your way. Even worse for the Canadians is the fact that only 10 will be offered to the Great White North.

The number was confirmed by Lexus shortly after the company announced that the cars can be had through a lease program. Not that we’d think you’d have enough money to buy the LF-A straight up, but let’s be real; you won’t find that many people with around $400,000 – the cars expected price tag - lying around in your room.

What makes the LF-A so special – apart from the obvious top-notch performance package – is that each of the 500 cars will be customized uniquely depending on the tastes of the customer, including the type of interior stitching they’d want for their LF-As. Consequently, each of the 500 LFAs that are going to be made won’t be completed until a customer’s order has been completed.


Source: Inside Line

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  (534) posted on 01.17.2010

Well we can say it’s a limited edition coz’ they are offering a personal customization for this Lexus LF-A. Of course, it’s a huge amount of money that I don’t know where the hell I can get that amount. Seriously speaking, I think the batch that will purchase that car will be lucky.

  (780) posted on 12.18.2009

Yeah, you’re right on that point. Well business is business and even they’re releasing too many LF-A’s and expected few units on purchase, the package of this car are too competitive that it will be customized on what the prospect buyer would want on that car, your personal preference on that car.

  (815) posted on 12.8.2009

What is wrong with manufacturers? They will introduce a well designed car and them produce only limited units. When promos are so inviting, that is the time that car buyers won’t be able to get one. Lexus LF-A is so beautiful, it should get to everyone who is interested.

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