Sometimes driving a Porsche make you become one of the bigest car fanatic. The main idea is not to get caught. But when the police caught you driving at 172 mph, with 102 mph over the limit, well then you can say you are in trouble.

A man from UK, was caught speeding at 172mph in a borrowed Porsche 911 Turbo breaking the previous ’record’ of 156 mph. And if was not enough that he was caught, the car was borrowed from his boss. Ouch!

The 33-year-old works for car lease company Helphire in Abingdon. A spokesman for the company said: "He did not have permission to drive the Porsche. He came in this morning and resigned." He has been released on bail until February 17.

The speeding ’record’ was previously held by car dealer Jason McAllister caught doing 156mph in Scotland in 2003. He was jailed for five months.

Source: Sky News

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sami  (91) posted on 01.31.2007

Yes was the CCR, and if my informations are correct was the first CCR deliverred to USA. And i also find that the CC8S got a speed ticket for 140 mph. The driver was 20 years old :P

Ferrari330P4  (36) posted on 01.31.2007

well that explains it, u dont have to tell me, its either the cc8s, ccr, or the ccx

sami  (91) posted on 01.30.2007

It was a koenigsegg, but i can’t remember exactly which one, i will look and tell you, ok?

Ferrari330P4  (36) posted on 01.30.2007

sami, in what car?

sami  (91) posted on 01.30.2007

Well Philippe it seems that the fastest speed ticket in USA is 242mph. Was taken in 2003 in Texas smiley

pdaix  (433) posted on 01.30.2007

who got the fastest speed ticket in the USA ? any idea ?

may eb we should ask for our visitor to submit their fastest speed ticket smiley

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