Over 50 years after it hit the streets of America, this 1955 Chevrolet Nomad Wagon looks like it just rolled out of the plant two weeks ago. That’s what happens when people go to great lengths in preserving priceless vehicles like this one. Not only do they look better than most cars out on the streets these days, but the ride is equally – if not better – than its contemporaries.

This ’55 Nomad has been around for half a century yet is still considered by many as one of the finely restored Nomads in existence. Even before it was restored, the car was deemed as spotless: no scratches, no benders, and no rust. Such was the care for this car that only a few reproduction items were ever used on it, meaning that most of its parts – including the original 265ci V8 and power glide transmission – remain intact and, better yet, fully operational. The car’s underside remains coated with the same brown/red oxide primer it has had since 1955 with no undercoating and the rear cargo area still has its original linoleum – which if you know your cars, has been obsolete for the longest time.

One of the few things done to this car was repainting it with its original Gypsy Red and Polo White colors, and even after doing so, you’d be remiss to think that it actually had a paint job. This Nomad is as near to flawless as any other restored car you can ever find in the world today.

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Naturally, a car of this state has bagged numerous awards with one of the most notable being a Gold Spinner award at the Chevy Corvette Fest Nationals in Chicago in 2007. You have to wonder how something that has been around longer than most of us have been born can still remain in tip-top condition. The answer lies in a climate-controlled museum, where this car has been parked for a long time, together with a number of other vintage classics like Cords, Packards, Deusenburgs and other special cars.

Source: Russo & Steele

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