We’ve all seen the inordinate number of convertibles cruising along America’s highways these days, but how often do you see a fully-restored 1955 Mercury Montclair Convertible out on the streets? Not a lot, right?

Anybody who’s willing to spend for an American classic would be wise to use it on this one and only classic from 1955. Predominantly white with some red trimmings and a soft, black rooftop, the ’55 Montclair’s enduring legacy is a testament to its classy look and superior drivability.

The car retains most of its original stylistics while also adding a few technologically advanced features, infusing the car with a combination of old-school ‘feel’ with new-school technology. This particular Montclair convertible comes with automatic C4 transmission, front sway bars, tilt steering, power windows, CD player.

Moreover, the car has undergone a full off-frame restoration, complete with originally modified front disk brakes, converted to 12 volt, A/C, intake and carburetor. The cars’ frame has also been powder coated, giving it extra protection from unnecessary wear and tear. Likewise, the car’s original nuts and bolts have been upgraded to stainless steel, thereby reducing the amount of rust these parts could accumulate.

While this ’55 Mercury Montclair Convertible has had its fair share of restorations, the enduring image of driving on the roads with this one-of-a-kind vehicle is still something we all secretly dream of doing someday.


Source: Russo & Steele

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