Built like a bottle rocket, the 1959 Front Engine Sadler Formula Junior Monoposto small frame belies the monstrous speed it houses inside. Built by no less than legendary car savant, Bill Sadler, this car has an unparalleled racing history that dates all the way back to the 60’s.

The ’59 Sadler Formula Junior Monoposto on display is an original and authentic version of the car that Bill Sadler created way back when race cars looked like capsules. This particular car even comes with all the race documents, photos, and logbooks it has accumulated throughout its racing history.

The car has also been restored perfectly without a sign of wear and tear other less fortunate models have become subjected to. This Sadler still comes with the same Sprite 1098 engine with Corrilo rods that it had back in 1959. Built by Prather Racing, the particular engine was built to give the Sadler the legs to take on all other race cars back then. In addition to the engine, the car also still has a 4-speed close ratio Sprite transmission, Venolla pistons, 516 Isky push rods, and camshaft Comptune 253/250. Meanwhile, the car’s sleek and slender body consists of fine grades of both aluminum and fiberglass, making it as light as a feather compared to the other race cars of its generation.

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This 1959 Front Engine Sadler Formula Junior Monoposto is so rare only 12 models were ever made – with only a few of them still surviving all over the world. As a result of its scarcity, the car has become quite a head turner in all the car shows it has been on, even having its records in the logbooks from the Sports Car Vintage Racing Association #2169 and Vintage Sports Car Drivers Association #5700.

When talking shop about vintage cars, there are cars that are described as rare and there are those that are described as really rare. The 1959 Front Engine Sadler Formula Junior Monoposto undoubtedly belongs in the latter group.

Source: Russo & Steele

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