It can be argued that Italian design house Pininfarina has produced some of the most exotic tuned-up supercars this side of the history books. For the most part, these guys are about as good as it gets when it comes to taking exotics and turning them into full-fledged four-wheeled examples of cars we can only dream about.

That being said, we did say ’for the most part’.

As much as these guys are responsible for beautiful pieces of eye candy, they have also, on occasion, released cars that aren’t so much as beautiful as they are eye-catching and this 1960 Pininfarina X is about as weird as it gets. Suffice it to say, this awkward three-wheeled concept is like one of those Greek centaurs come to life: head of a plane and the body of, uhm, a car.

Before you start snickering at the sheer bodaciousness of this car, you need to realize that despite its appearance, this car comes with a pretty mind-boggling price tag. How mind-boggling, you ask? Try to the tune of a cool $3 million.

Still laughing? We didn’t think so.


Source: ATS Collection

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  (807) posted on 06.2.2010

What the heck $3 million? I would rather have veyron than the this. It looks like a WW2 fighter plane’s pit.

  (434) posted on 06.1.2010

Well like what other said, I would have a GT-R and tune it to the fullest than having a legend car like this.

  (134) posted on 06.1.2010

Wow! That is so very expensive and am sure this kind of car can actually catches an attention when driving it on the road.

  (1333) posted on 05.31.2010

Huh, that’s too expensive! I would rather have a bugatti veyron or the legend GT-R than having this. With that kind of money I can custom my GT-R to the fullest.

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