• 1967 Porsche 910 Spyder for sale on eBay with a price tag of $995,000

Depending on what you’re looking for, eBay is a treasure trove of rare and unique items that people would bid exorbitant sums of money just so they could have the said item delivered to their doorstep. That, naturally, includes cars and eBay has some pretty rare ones in the offing.

The latest that we managed to discover is both rare and expensive, which really isn’t the kind of combination a fair-weather car fan is looking for. However, if you’re an enthusiast and you’ve got money to burn, this just may be that rare treasure you’ve been looking for. This particular car is a 1967 Porsche 910 Spyder coupe, one of only five 910 Spyders Porsche built for a number of European hillclimb competitions back in 1967. The car ended up winning two of the four races it entered in that year, which gave the company the idea to rebuild it and offer it for sale. Eventually, John von Neuman scooped one up and ended up racing it all over the U.S.

The Porsche coupe we are speaking of has an air-cooled, slide-valve fuel-injected flat-6 gasoline engine mated to a five-speed manual transmission. It has a beautiful white exterior paint job and a red-hot interior color. The 1967 Porsche 910 is currently on sale at eBay thanks to the Symbolic Motor Cars dealership in La Jolla, California. They are currently selling the vehicle for an astonishing $995,000.


Source: eBay

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  (366) posted on 05.10.2011

Wow! The look of this car is kind of modern for 1960’s car. Or this is a replica of the original car? BTW, Heck! The price cost almost in millions!

  (205) posted on 03.31.2011

I think for all the 1960’s model that I have seen. This one is definitely the coolest. Is this the original production? It’s so amazing how they restored the car properly. 

  (341) posted on 11.22.2010

If only there was a "material-change" on the dealership floor under the car, then maybe they could sell it for a higher price.

  (1211) posted on 09.21.2010

It’s great to know the history of we could say one of the most iconic auto maker..

  (858) posted on 05.27.2010

Oh yeah I guess they based the mark 5 here.

  (542) posted on 05.26.2010

Oh yeah i remember that cartoons but to be honest i was bored watching it. Specially the movie one it kinda boring.

  (331) posted on 05.25.2010

It looks like the mach 5 of speedracer. Impressive, isn’t it?

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