• 1994 Acura NSX - Review: Video

You probably already know that the Acura NSX was a revolutionary mid-engine car with a high-revving V-6 and lightweight aluminum chassis, that it was good enough to give Ferrari a serious wakeup call and motivated the Italians to start building good cars again. But, did you also know it has a reputation for being bigger than it is? Or, that is has an engine that forges onward in spite of an absent legacy? Whatever that means?

You will after watching this hilarious, nonsense-filled review from Regular Car Reviews, who has managed to find an incredibly original 1994 NSX. It’s not often you see a first generation NSX with the factory wheels still fitted, much less the original steering wheel and tape deck, which is just awesome. Also, if you want to make yourself feel really old, stick around for the end to hear a long list of things that happened in 1994.

1991-2005 Acura NSX

1991 - 2005 Acura NSX
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Honda NSX

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