We’ve seen a lot of awesome cars being sold through Jameslist, so it really doesn’t surprise us to see a 1997 McLaren F1 that’s been put up for sale on the site.

There are very few cars in this planet that have had a lasting stay on our wishlists, but the McLaren F1 is certainly one of them. Sure, the chances of us actually owning one are remote at best, but that doesn’t mean one of you can’t fork up the money to buy it.

This particular McLaren F1 only has 6,711 miles on its odometer and it comes with all the original niceties, including a full tool kit in the rolling box, the McLaren Luggage collection, and even the McLaren watch that comes with the car’s very own Chassis Number, an important piece in the whole package to authenticate the supercar as the real deal. What’s more, all the necessary taxes have already been paid for – import and VAT – so you won’t need to worry about forking over that extra money to make the purchase.

The price of the car is available upon request so if you’re interested, you might want to hit these guys up.


Source: Jameslist

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  (206) posted on 10.12.2010

The point is there are lots of great cars on there, and from time to time a Mac F1. Why the random post. It is not like it is so rare that they are never for sale. You see them once in a while. A Sbarro GT1, 911 GT1, F50 GT are much more rare.

  (206) posted on 10.12.2010

SO? There are 2 McLaren F1s for sale right now on Jameslist. There used to be more, including one asking $3 million. There is also a Zenvo ST1, 2 Tramontanas, Porsche 911 GT1, the only Sbarro GT1, a Cadallac LMP race car, and some old F1 cars.
There also used to be McLaren F1 GTRs, F40 LM, F50 GT, S7 Twin Turbo.

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