The Vision K2 is an American designed, engineered, and built, technology oriented performance/luxury vehicle for the next millennium. The K2 is specifically designed for the American marketplace. The K2’s slightly larger proportions over it’s European rivals, allows for more headroom, legroom and overall interior space. The muscular design qualities of the K2 evoke power and prestige, which compliment the vehicle’s 800 horsepower engine.

The VISION K2 is engineered for high performance driving. The K2 is designed to accommodate a BMW supercharge 6.0 liter V12 power plant mounted mid-ship for balance and superior handling capabilities. Power is to be transferred to 18’ front and 19’ rear wheels through a custom built six speed transaxle. The K2 will utilize a state-of-the-art independent suspension system, incorporating coil-over shocks for superior control, power transfer, and ride characteristics.

1998 Vision K2
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The VISION K2 will be priced well below other exotic and super cars as a result of advanced manufacturing and production processes, limited overhead, and streamlined expenses. The K2 will be assembled from state-of-the-art existing components. This reduces the capital requirements and fixed costs associated with manufacturing automobiles of this caliber, allowing the company to aggressively price the K2. The targeted price is $225,000.

The exterior body of the K2 is designed to be aerodynamically efficient, and to evoke power through its ’muscular’ qualities. The futuristic design reflects the vehicles’ state-of-the-art components and powerful 800+ horsepower. In addition to superior cornering characteristics, the mid-engine layout creates an aggressive cab-forward design which increases forward visibility and creates a perfect 50 - 50 weight distribution balance between the front and rear wheels. The rear wing is designed for both safety and performance, reducing turbulence behind the vehicle for improved aerodynamics, and housing the rear brake lights for improved visibility.

1998 Vision K2
- image 190578
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