The Austrian Tuner O.CT Tuning has worked it’s magic on the new Fiat 500 and turned the cute city car into a performance mini, without sacrificing the likeable appearance.

20% more power for Fiat 500 from OCT tuning
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The results are impressive. Engine performance is enhanced by IPRO. O.CT Tuning first offers power enhancement via OBD, and can be brought in worldwide by the O.CT base partners. The Fiat 500 1,3 16V engine output is raised from 55 kW / 75 hp to 66 kW / 90 hp. Also welcome: the increase in torque from 145 Nm to 180 Nm.

20% more power for Fiat 500 from OCT tuning
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After the upgrade, the 500 1.3 16V runs to 100 km/h in 12,9 seconds, three seconds faster than the standard version. Even more breathtaking: the difference to 150 km/h. The O.CT. Tuning Fiat 500 reaches this speed in 34 seconds – a whopping 20 seconds quicker than the 75 hp stock version. 20 % more power and 25 % more torque helps the O.CT 500 to win the race against the serial car with about 209 carlenghts. Top speed is also increased.

7,5 x 17 inch alloy wheels available in many colors, including black, paired with 205/40 tires, are adding spice to the Fiat’s roadhugging qualities.


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