It seems like we are off to a good start with news from Ferrari this new year. Recently, we brought you stories of highly cherished, classic Ferraris that will hit the auction block in 2014 and a brand new LaFerrari popping up at a used car dealership. The asking price is three times that of a brand new La Ferrari.

If $3.2 million for a used LaFerrari seems rather steep, then you’ll likely be outraged by the roughly $3 million asking price of this used Ferrari Enzo. Yes, the F60 that preceded the LaFerrari.

Ferrari built just 400 examples of the Enzo, which makes it even rarer than the LaFerrari, which will see a 499 unit production run. This very example of the 2003 Ferrari Enzo is up for sale at Fusion Luxury Motors in Los Angeles with just 354 miles on its ticker.

It is the last of the V-12 Ferraris with fewer computers and electric motors. The Ferrari Enzo is widely regarded as one of the most awesome Ferrari models ever manufactured .

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2003 Ferrari Enzo

2003 Ferrari Enzo is for Sale for $3 Million Exterior
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When it was new, the Ferrari Enzo had a $670,000 price tag on it and now, almost a decade later, we have one in pristine condition that is listed for more than four times its original price. Designed by Pininfarina studios, the Ferrari Enzo was the successor to the F40 and the F50.

Named after the founding father of the company, the Enzo was inspired by Ferrari’s success at Formula 1. The supercar borrowed quite a few bits of technology from Ferrari’s race cars, starting with the shape of the car that was dictated by the science of aerodynamics so much so that the front end looked very similar to a Formula 1 car.

The Enzo was built around a bespoke, carbon-fiber tub, much like a race car. The engine was bolted directly to the tub, just behind the driver, and the suspension bits were attached to the engine and the gearbox in the back for better weight distribution.

The Ferrari Enzo used a push-rod suspension system — a feature found mostly on racing cars. The engine was a 6.0-liter, naturally aspirated V-12 with 660 horsepower on tap. The F1-derived transmission could be operated via paddles behind the steering wheel for almost instantaneous gear shifts.

Performance was nothing short of blistering, with a 0-to-60 mph time of just 3.3 seconds and a top speed of 217 mph.

The cabin of the Enzo was stripped off of all the unnecessary bits to keep weight to a minimum. You don’t get a radio or even electric windows. The dashboard is all carbon with leather trims and has fewer buttons.

Source: Fusion Luxury Motors

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