The car is said to be authentic and was raced in 2003 by Kimi Raikkonen

Every now and then when you’re browsing auction sites or the classifieds and you come across something unexpected. Well, that very thing happened today when I was browsing Ebay. To my amazement, I found a 2003 McLaren Mercedes-Benz MP4-15 that is apparently authentic, and was driven by Kimi Raikkonen with the No. 6 livery during the 2003 F1 season.

With a starting bid of $270,000, I thought to myself “no way.” As it turns out, everything seems to be legitimate. The car is currently located in Brazil and has all of the import/export paperwork ready to go. According to the listing, the car can be exported worldwide, but there is one small catch – it doesn’t have the engine.

That might be a deal-breaker for most, but with the right amount of time and know-how, it wouldn’t be too difficult to drop an engine in there. The listing doesn’t dive too much into the car’s history, but it does state that the car is completely stock, and all parts are original. So, the real question here is: How badly would you like to own a Mercedes Formula 1 car?

Why it Matters

2003 McLaren Mercedes-Benz MP4-15 SSC/96 Formula 1 Race Car for Sale High Resolution Exterior
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As you can see from the images, the car itself is in really good shape. Kimi Raikkonen did place second for the 2003 season with this car, so it does have some winning history. I would be interested to know what the car has been up to for the last 13 years, but unfortunately, the seller has yet to reply to my inquiry. I think this would be an awesome piece to have in the garage. Of course, living in the U.S., it’s going to cost a lot more than $270,000 to get it. I don’t know what shipping fees, export/import fees, and taxes run for something like this, but I have a feeling that it isn’t exactly cheap. Either way, it’s a cool find, and I’m curious to see how much it goes for. If you’re genuinely interested in it, the auction is running until Monday, February 15th, so you might what to log in and place your bid before it’s too late.

Source: Ebay

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