One of the most unique concept cars of the past decade came from a company that wasn’t doing particularly well at that time. Back then, Jaguar wasn’t as awesome as it is now, but in 2004, design house Fuore Design put Jag on the map with unveiling of the Blackjag Concept. Touted as the spiritual successor of the XF10, the now-defunct Fuore Design touted the Blackjag Concept as a mid-engine, two-seater supercar that showcased the immense performance potential Jaguar had at that time but failed to tap into. The concept was, in a lot of ways, a showcase piece Fuore Design created for the British marquee that eventually amounted to nothing more than hype unfulfilled.

Ten years later, the supercar concept is back in the headlines, albeit for an entirely different reason. That’s because the one-off concept that caused the industry to spazz when it was revealed is now up for sale.

The price for the privilege of owning it? $3.8 million.

While that number sounds exorbitant for a 10-year-old, one-off concept, the Blackjag isn’t like any other concept Jaguar has produced since then. Plus, there’s only one model like it in the world and unlike its announced 640-horsepower output back in 2004, the selling page of the Blackjag Concept touts it as having 900 horsepower under its hood. We’re really interested to know where those extra 260 ponies came from.

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Why It Matters

It’s a one-off concept that has performance numbers relocatable to today’s most powerful vehicles. The fact that its a one-off is an added bonus. It’s a steep price to pay, but for those who have the money to spend, $3.8 million for a true one-of-a-kind supercar sounds really enticing.

2004 Jaguar Blackjag Concept

2004 Jaguar Blackjag Concept
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The Jaguar Blackjag Concept does remind you of a certain supercar, doesn’t it? Those front grilles, specifically, are almost identical to the Bugatti Veyron’s grille, which probably explains why a lot of people have done double-takes on this concept, thinking it was the prototype for the Veyron before the French supercar made its production debut.

But rest assured, the Blackjag Concept is its own unique vehicle and there are certainly plenty of aesthetic details about it that makes it look like a real Big Cat.

But the most impressive thing about the Blackjag Concept is its powertrain, which back then was incredibly impressive. A 7.0-liter V-10 may not fly by today’s strict emissions standards, but back in 2004, it was celebrated for its massive 640-horsepower credentials. This power allowed the Blackjag to hit 62 mph in 3.8 seconds to go with an incredible — for a Jaguar, at least — top speed of 210 mph.


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