It is very possible you’ve never heard about AVO Turboworld. And you can’t be blamed, they are local tuners. But this days they made their first steps on becoming famous: their customized 2005 WRX STI made front cover of "Turbo Magazine." And it looks damn hot!

AVO Turboworld has an experience of more than 30 years on modifying both race cars and street cars. They have workshops setup in Japan, Thailand and are soon to open one in the US.

2005 Impreza WRX STI by AVO Turboworld
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And it seems that their best tuning is a car based on the Subaru STI Type C Spec RA commonly found humiliating Evo and WRX owners on Tsukuba raceway.

2005 Impreza WRX STI by AVO Turboworld
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The WRX STI has been extensively modified starting with a Cosworth built 2.5litre (EJ257) motor complete with finetuned STI and Cosworth internals. An AVO550 turbo charger is the heart of the beast that spools up power to an impressive 450kW (600 hp) at 26.2psi while the motor screams to its rev limit of 10,500rpm.

Source: CarUpdate

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  (608) posted on 11.14.2007

The car is a BEAST!! i wan see the FQ-evo with 605hp try an take this sti on....i doubt it will be hard for anyone to realise who will be the victor

  (824) posted on 10.5.2007

Crazy STI alot of power for a small car.

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