Sometimes, when you see a bargain staring at you right in the face, you’d be a fool to not bite on it, especially when you consider that the said bargain appeared in one the most successful movies in history and could fetch you twice – or maybe more – as much money down the road.

The car is a 4.6-liter V8 2005 Saleen S281 Extreme or, in the case of this ride, is more popularly known as Barricade, the card-carrying member of the evil Decepticons from the blockbuster movie, Transformers. The lucky collector who scooped up this beautiful ride got it for a tremendous bargain of only $36,000, which, if you’re curious to know, is exponentially smaller than the estimated price tag of $100,000 - $300,000 it was estimated to be.

Not that the collector had any problems with it. In addition to purchasing it at a discount, the lucky fellow should be ecstatic to know that only three of these cars were ever made and that it was fully customized to the brim not just by Saleen but by Dreamworks SKG as well. The best part is, the car has only logged about 4,550 miles on the odometer with most of it, we can imagine, used while chasing down Sam Witwicky and the galaxy-saving Autobots.

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We normally don’t find a lot of cars that can put exotics to shame, but we just have to ask this question: the next time you see a Ferrari parked outside a local Starbucks with this particular parked beside it, which car would you prompt you to take out your camera to take pictures?

We bet it’s not the Prancing Horse.

Source: iCollector

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