Seems like the folks down at the Hotel Metropole at Casino Square in Monte Carlo decided this morning to be the launching pad for the new Alfa Romeo Brera J5 3.2 C (where C stands for Compressor). I believe that AutoDelta just came out with an answer for the cocky VW R32 model (not that I have something against it or something).


The new star from the Alfa Romeo Line up is equipped as seen in its name with a V6 3.2 litter engine supercharged with a compressor, that can generate up to 348 pure horsepower and a momentum of 430 Nm. The compressor was supplied to the Italian builder by Rotrex. Rotrex C30-94 is today one of the most compact superchargers available on the market. It is well known for its durability, light inherent weight and compact form.

2006 Alpha-Romeo Autodelta Brera J5 3.2C
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front view

Another note needs to be done, while taking about the exhaust system. Autodelta turned towards its partner – Ragazzon. The result is an exhaust sytem that offers premium gasflow proprieties and sound.
The car received the famous “j-series” tag , a tag that stands for the company founder – Jano Djelalian, a tag that was applied to the GTV/Spider –J10 , 156 –J11 and 147 –J12.
Combinig all of the above, Autodelta created a powerful four wheel drive sportscar capable of reaching 60miles in no more than 5.1 seconds and having a top speed of 162mph (260kmh).
Even tough Alfa Romeo got us used to the aggressive look of its car, it once again managed to create that great feeling: This is a great car which I would probably not hesitate to jump in to.

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