The 2007 Audi RS4 is a great car and Willow Springs Raceway is one heck of a track, but both can get even experienced drivers into a heap of trouble fast. This lesson was learned by Tim Bucklin, who lost his RS4 during a recent track day event. Now, I’m definitely not here to poke fun at this guy’s misfortune. Not only do I respect him for facing the harsh criticism of YouTube commenters, but the best part about this video is the driver’s breakdown of what he did wrong – perhaps sparing others from the same fate.

It isn’t clear how fast Bucklin was going when he entered Turn 9, but after turning into the apex early, the car understeers and gets too wide on the exit resulting in both left side tires getting off the track. With the steering wheel still turned to the right, the car shoots back across the track sliding into what looks like soft, deep sand, which sheers off the left front wheel and sends the car into a barrel roll where the car flips over at least two times.

Now, I’ve driven on plenty of racetracks, but, unfortunately, Willow Springs is not among them, but that final turn does seem extremely challenging. Bucklin describes the right-hand corner as having a late apex and decreasing radius, and the amount of skid marks exiting the turn are proof of just how tricky the turn is.

Although the RS4 received heavy damage, the passenger compartment held up impressively well. In fact, Bucklin said that he escaped the wreck with only a bruised arm, stiff neck and mild concussion.

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2007 Audi RS 4

2007 Audi RS 4
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