2007 Bullrun: 4000 miles, 12 teams, 1 winner

There’s a lot happening! The Bullrun TV show airs very, very soon on Spike TV in the USA - look out for the press campaign! Buses, subways, billboards at Sunset and Olive in LA and 7th Ave & 24th St in NY. Of course, don’t forget we have the small matter of the Bullrun rally coming to a city near you very soon... 10 weeks and counting! Montreal to Key West, May 11th to May 18th... you know the drill...

The reality TV challenge version of Bullrun on Spike TV airs in 2 weeks. Based on Bullrun legendary rally, the show features 12 teams of two drivers who use their own cars in a fast-paced challenge that takes them across America in a competition for $200,000 prize money and the 2007 Bullrun Trophy. Hosted by Bill Goldberg, the Series Premieres Tuesday 13th March at 10pm followed by an immediate encore. The shows airs Tuesdays at 10pm, re-airs Thursdays at 11pm and Saturdays at 11am.

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