• 2007 Carver One
  • Year:
  • Transmission:
    5-speed manual
  • Horsepower @ RPM:
  • Torque @ RPM:
    74@ 3,200
  • Displacement:
    659 L
  • car segment:

Steer il like a car… and it banks like a motorcycle

The Carver One feels just as much at ease carving corners, conquering roundabouts and beating traffic jams, as it does on curvy country roads or endless straights, far away from the world and its worries.

Its sporty engine gives it just the right power in proportion to its weight, reaching a top speed of 185 km/h (115 mph) while its average fuel consumption remains at a very modest 6 L/100 km (40 UK mpg).

2007 Carver One
- image 148008

But speed on the straights isn’t everything... Go for the corners, that’s where the Carver One pulls out all the stops!

It banks from left to right in just a second. This unrivalled agility lets you cope with any emergency situation, avoid obstacles, and makes for sheer exhilarating fun.

And what fun it is: virtually unrestricted manoeuvrability, surfing through traffic, snowboarding roundabouts and pivoting corners. It is like riding your own roller coaster designed as you carve along. It is like flying a glider at ground level. It is like playing the lead in your own version of Top Gun. It is all this and much, much more.

When you fly a Carver One the journey becomes the destination.

2007 Carver One
- image 148009

Stunning looks

It will come as no surprise: developed by aeronautical engineers, form follows function in every aspect of its design. A timeless, distinctive masterpiece with razor-sharp lines, not only for its astonishing looks but also for perfect aerodynamics.

2007 Carver One
- image 148010

The superb jetfighter-like cockpit comes in any manufacturer colour or custom colour of your choice, hiding the integral welded steel chassis providing safety for you and your passenger. The front window seamlessly merges with the body-coloured roof panel that can be easily detached to enjoy a panoramic view from all angles.

Its sporty 15” alloy rear wheels with large tyres keep the Carver One firmly glued to the road in the corners and on the straights. The uniquely designed front wheel attachment provides the 17” wheel with exceptional road handling and superb manoeuvrability. Two seamlessly integrated louvered air intakes on either side of the cockpit feed the engine extra cooling air and add a zest of futuristic elegance.

… and an interior to match

Sporty, yet stylish, the Carver One fits you like a glove. The intoxicating smell of its luxuriously soft leather interior invigorates you as you enter the sanctuary of your cockpit.

2007 Carver One
- image 148012

Your fingers explore the contours of the driver’s seat, the sports leather-covered steering wheel, the dashboard curves … prelude to the curves of the road that will soon unfold. Your hand rests on the aluminium gear lever knob, your eyes wander over the ergonomically laid out dashboard until they focus on the tilt angle indicators, anticipating excitement...

2007 Carver One
- image 148019

This is as close as you may ever get to flying. Are you ready for take-off?

A masterpiece of engineering

Carver engineers may not be the only ones to have tried to overcome the problem of a narrow vehicle cornering without tipping over, but they are the first and only ones to have pulled it off successfully. The combination of state-of-the-art components and innovative but proven technology has resulted in a reliable, predictable and above all extremely responsive system, nothing short of a revolution in automotive history!

2007 Carver One
- image 148016

At the heart of the Carver One lies the Dynamic Vehicle Control (DVC™) system which automatically adjusts the tilt angle of the cockpit to the speed and acceleration of the vehicle, enabling a plane-like ‘tilting before cornering’.

A uniquely designed steering torque actuator coupled to an ingenious DVC™ manifold driving two double piston cylinders form the essence of this mechanical-hydraulic system while an additional separate hydraulic system provides for a fail-safe emergency backup solution.

2007 Carver One
- image 148013

Power assisted front wheel steering and active rear wheel steering make for unparallelled stability when cornering. The DVC™ control unit electronically moderates the cockpit response at low speeds for comfortable road handling under all circumstances.

To top it off, the DVC™ mode selector, a sophisticated piece of programming, allows you to select a driving mode according to your mood and road circumstances. In comfort mode, weaving your way through busy city-traffic and parking is easy thanks to enhanced power steering while the sport mode lets you unleash the rebel once you get the knack of carving.

2007 Carver One
- image 148011

’Steer it like a car and it banks like a motorcycle’. It sounds deceivingly simple. And it truly is. All you have to do is steer in the desired direction.

With the Carver One, banking in corners becomes second nature, or rather, first nature regained.

The package

The list below gives you an overview of our standard package and currently available accessories and options. Contact your local dealer if you need more information or if you want to discuss any additional options. Special options are available upon request.

Standard package

  •  Removable hard top roof in body colour
  •  Alloy wheels - double 5-spoke - front 17" / rear 15" (silver)
  •  Sports interior (black fabric trim)
  •  3-spoke sports leather-covered steering wheel
  •  Design aluminium dashboard and gear lever knob
  •  4 instruments: speedometer and mileometer (odometer), rev counter, fuel gauge, engine temperature
  •  Built-in class III remote control alarm system incl. remote control power door lock
  •  Dashboard ’carving’ LED indicators (continuous indication of the vehicle’s tilt angle) with audible signal
  •  Heating / ventilation / windshield defroster
  •  Electric windows
  •  Front and rear seat belts
  •  Ashtray / drink holder / 12 V socket
  •  Tyre repair kit
  •  Black carpet with Carver logo
  •  Side mirrors and back of driver’s seat: black
  •  Exterior colour - basic palette (white, yellow, blue)

Factory-fitted options

  •  Premium quality full leather (mono-colour or bi-colour) or leather/alcantara interior upholstery
  •  Exterior metallic paint (standard palette)
  •  Special exterior colours (solid black, stealth black (matte black), pearl, or any manufacturer colour or custom colour of choice)
  •  Rear spoiler
  •  High power wheel pack (alloy - dark silver)
  •  Shadow wheel pack (alloy - matte black)
  •  Black package (matte black rear frame, tilt cylinders and front suspension)
  •  Turbo pressure dashboard gauge
  •  Radio/CD/MP3 player type A, B or C (Kenwood) with 4 front speakers (Kenwood)
  •  GPS navigation with Bluetooth™ mobile phone hands-free kit (Tom Tom Go 910)
  •  DVC™ mode selector (comfort/sport)


  •  Rear spoiler
  •  Roll-up soft top (black)
  •  High power wheel pack (alloy - dark silver) excluding tyres
  •  Shadow wheel pack (alloy - matte black) excluding tyres
  •  GPS navigation with Bluetooth™ mobile phone hands-free kit (Tom Tom Go 910)
  •  Aluminium luggage rack with luggage bag (waterproof fabric, black)
  •  Engine ECU tuning to 85 bhp
  •  Battery charger

Service & warranty

The Carver One is sold and serviced worldwide through a network of specialised distributors and dealers. The recommended service interval is 10,000 km (6,200 miles) or once every year, whichever is sooner.

Servicing and maintenance is taken care of by your local distributor. Contact your dealer for more information. In the absence of a distributor in your country, servicing and maintenance can be arranged through Carver Headquarters.

In Europe, the Carver One is covered by a 2-year factory warranty.


Due to tax differences and transportation costs prices differ from one country to another. For country-specific pricing information go to ’Our dealers’ and select the region and country of choice.

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  (35) posted on 02.19.2007

This car looks like infinite fun to pilot. I saw the segment on Top Gear about it, and since then I’ve been left to my imagination as to how much fun this "car" would be for commuting anywhere.

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