My Impression of the New Parnelli Mustang

There are certain Mustang tuner cars that I like , one being the Saleen and the other being the Roush, but this Parnelli Jones Mustang makes me want to throw up. Why do you ask all of this dislike to the Parnster?

First off, I just cant get over the windows panels on the back- these panels belongs where they came from back in the 1970’s and not on a new modern styled Mustang. Second I can’t really get into this Mustang with that hideous orange color- and combine with the wing it is automotive disaster.
I guess though these are things that retro Mustang lovers want- Now if I want retro-mustang -it will be a vehicle from the 1970’s and not one a $60,000 modern recreation!
Ultimately though the Parnelli Mustang objective is to perform, and I must say it is most definitely equipped to do with its 400 horsepower V8 engine, 14 inch slotted and vented brake system, and 19 inch aluminum wheels. It is a limited production automobile with only 500 being produced. If I got one, I would have to take off the black window paneling , and oh yeah get rid of that damn chrome gas cover. Ugh

What do you think?
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