At the beginning of of 2008, BMW will unveil a completely independent vehicle segment. The four-door Coupe X6 will connect the technology and the all wheel qualities of the new X5 with seeming a Coupes. The Design shows a mixture of swinging lines with SUV elements. The cockpit should be more strongly driver-oriented arranged than in the X5.

The X6 will be powered by the strongest engines from X3 and X5. Diesel engines will be same as in the X3: 3,0-Liter-Twin-Turbo with 286 HP. The petrol engines will be: a twin-turbo 3.0L delivering 300hp and later 4.8L V8 with 367hp. The X6 will make the 0 to 60 mph sprint in 6.8 seconds. A M-version of the X6 is not planned however, since all wheel and SUV models apply with BMW as incompatible with M-philosophy.

Source: autozeitung

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