The next-generation CTS it is expected to go on sale in late 2007 as a 2008 model. it will be built on the GM’s rear-wheel-drive Sigma platform.

The bold lines and massive grille of the new CTS show a family resemblance to the latest Cadillac Escalade.

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pdaix  (433) posted on 11.9.2006

you guys seems to like talking about cars, ifyou want to post more’official’ in topspeed, please contact us, using the contact us form smiley

pdaix  (6020) posted on 11.9.2006

Daddy Warbucks,

Was it the Honda Odyssey comment or are you really displeased with my 4.9% (not 5.9%) A.P.R. Also, for a GMAC employee you’d think you would know when you offer promotions to your customers. 0% on Caddy’s wasn’t offered until the end of Summer not the beginning. As you have the ability to see, I purchased my ride in May. In response to your "weak value auction statement," tell me something I don’t know. There isn’t a GM product on the market that doesn’t lose over 20% its value the minute you drive it off the lot, so what’s your point? Big deal if they go next to nothing at the auction, who does that benefit other than the dealer. Lastly, when I’m in the market for a new car, I’ll make sure that I consider the Odyssey as it would appear that even you (a GM employee, or should I say Cerberus employee)can’t stomach to drive a GM product yourself! Keep yourself in check as my monthly CTS payment allows you to put bread on the table! I appreciate your candor but may I suggest that you do a little fact finding before you start making accusations. I think if you work a little bit on your research and sourcing skills and get your boy Cam to sharpen his spelling and vocabulary, you’ll both be ready to start your own snowcone franchise in Phoenix! Good Luck!

pdaix  (6020) posted on 11.9.2006

Miller Time, I just want to know what it must have been like to miss out on 0% by only one day. Mock your financing!? hell yeah- who wants to pay 5.9% when the next day they went for 0% ! Plus- these units are going for weak figures at auction! taking it in the a$$ must hurt! My friend Cam and I mastered in finance compared to your finacing abilities. This new model is going to bury the old model. I hope you have $10K in your back pocket when you decide to get a new car.

pdaix  (6020) posted on 11.9.2006

Apparently, Daddy Warbucks took offense to my comment on his boy, Cam. Listen, I realize that both of you were kicked out of the same middle school and that would explain your lack of intelligent thought, but it’s no reason to mock the financing of my ’06 CTS. I guess had I went to the same middle school, I could have been fortunate enough to have received the same lackluster education that would have afforded me the benefits of driving an ’02 Honda Odyssey. The valet at Chucky Cheese won’t even give me the time of day when I pull up in my ride, oh well I guess that’s what I deserve!

pdaix  (6020) posted on 11.9.2006

sounds like ’Miller Time’ is a bit jealous- did you get burned on a late model CTS? miss the 0% offer? (day late & dollar short?)

pdaix  (6020) posted on 11.9.2006

Message to Cam, I agree its a nice car but until you address your educational deficiencies, you’ll never own one! Little known tool out there called spell check, look into it!

pdaix  (6020) posted on 11.5.2006

Love the new design. This car will blow away the competition.

pdaix  (6020) posted on 11.5.2006

Great improvements on an already beautifully designed car.

pdaix  (6020) posted on 11.4.2006

wow as a 16 year old kid loving cars this is a step up for the cts. the laste modle looked dale and not much thought seem to go in into the exterior of the car, but this one wow...its amazing. It looks more sporty, and yet still a luxery car. I love how the front end seems to dip in to the ground. I hope Cadillac can contiue makeing great styling cars like thins one here

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